The importance and impact of data quality


Data qualityIn order to get a single customer view and develop a personalized cross-channel marketing strategy, data quality is of the utmost importance.

WDM Belgium cites numbers from international experts on its website, indicating that poor data quality has an impact of anywhere between 10 and 25% on total business revenue.

Data cannot be siloed, just as interactive marketing activities shouldn’t. It is one of many reasons why Selligent Interactive Marketing has a cross-channel and integrated approach with different integration possibilities of external data sources.

Succeeding in one-to-one marketing and having a 360 degree customer view within a marketing automation and CRM environment, requires smart scenarios that are based on good historical, transactional, behavioral and other data.

Data quality and customer satisfaction

Data quality is not only important for the relevance of marketing campaigns or the quality of CRM dashboards. It’s also key for customer satisfaction.

Forrester’s Kate Leggett wrote a blog post, referring to a recent survey of members of the Association of Business Process Management Professionals. The survey showed a lack of attention to data quality.

This has a direct consequence in several areas, Leggett writes:

  • An erosion of customer satisfaction, that is related to inconsistent operational processes or disconnected strategies, leads to a poor customer service. It’s the famous ‘garbage in/garbage out’ phenomenon.
  • Decreasing productivity, caused by a lack of trust in data agents dispose of, impacts efficiency. Bad data quality leads to distrust but also to increasing handle times when agents face customers.
  • Increasing operational costs, that are directly related to errors but also to the mentioned increasing handle times, have a negative impact on profit.

It’s clear that cleaning data is important in CRM and customer service across divisions. However, it’s also essential in digital marketing, regardless of the channels.

On top of the various built-in tools, we offer in our solutions, regular actions to ensure accuracy and quality of data, among others using, profiling and surveying, enable relevant data-driven interactions with good personalization and high conversion across several touchpoints throughout cross-channel marketing activities.

Do you want to engage the cross-channel consumer?

Today’s customer is cross-channel and he/she is at the centre of sales and marketing.

Communication channels depend on the consumer and marketing is about engaging the cross-channel customer and prospect throughout integrated dialogs that are driven by his/her buying journey, preferences, triggers, signals and behavior.

Discover why your business should move to an integrated marketing approach step by step and how.

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