The impact of smartphones on email marketing and usage


The rapid growing adoption of smartphones is yet again illustrated by new data from comScore, looking at Europe's main five markets, the Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK.

The company found that smartphone penetration has reached 42% across these markets, which is more than the US where penetration is 39%. The mobile revolution, driven by smartphone and tablet adoption, is altering the way consumers shop and even has an impact on email.

Email has always ranked high in the activities of smartphone users. The Econsultancy report on email marketing, we mentioned in yesterday's post, found that "user behavior is changing as a result of how email is consumed." And the profileration of (mobile) device is key in it.

Mobile email: challenges and opportunities

Mobile email comes with some challenges, for instance, regarding the adaptation of emails for various devices and user experiences. Selligent Interactive Marketing enables this and comes, among others, with integrated Litmus email previewing.

Obviously, mobile email comes with many advantages as well, when integrating with social and location but also when providing an optimized cross-channel experience that goes beyond channels such as email and includes mobile landing pages and functionalities.

The Econsultancy report states relevance will be key in 2012 when it comes down to email marketing. Mobile email is one of the reasons for this, albeit far from the only one. Advanced personalization features, such as we offer them, are an important element in this regard.

In a comment Tim Watson of Zettasphere confirmed the impact mobile has on other digital channels.

Watson: "The mobile habit is having a positive impact on both email and social media combined. Mobile email has meant email is the first channel read in the morning and the last at night. The smartphone will for the first time connect some people to the online world who have until now been offline".

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