The growth of social networks in the advertising and marketing mix


Social network ad revenues are on the rise around the world. eMarketer credits Facebook with leading the charge to bring more money to social networks.

Spending on social networks will account for 10.8% this year and that share is expected to increase to 12.1% next year. 2010 saw social marketing leap to the forefront of many marketers' thoughts as a viable channel to consider in their marketing.

Furthermore, it isn't only about advertising but also about other forms of communication and marketing. The integration of social media with other channels such as e-mail has been increasing progressively as you can read in our white paper " Social media in the cross-channel marketing strategy", where you also find the necessary tips to succeed.

Social networks are increasing their representation around the world. Of the $69 billion expected to be spent by marketers worldwide this year, 8.7% will be allocated to social marketing and that will rise to 10.2% in 2012.

The rest of the world is catching up in social marketing spending. By 2012 markets outside the US will make up more than half the social network spending. While Facebook will increase it's presence in non-US markets, homegrown networks in places such as Russia and Asia will also see growth, eMarketer says.

Social, mobile and other channels: cross channel marketing is about consumer preferences

One should also note that in countries such as Japan and China, mobile is the preferred method for social networking access. As marketers catch on to mobile, eMarketer expects more advertising activity in this channel as well.

Today's consumers don't identify with a specific channel. They go where the content is or more to the point, want the content to go where they are and increasingly control the communication process, across all channels. This is one of the reasons Selligent's interactive marketing solution provides multiple interaction channels depending on customer preferences and why the existing integration with social media, mobile channels, etc. is being further developed.

To consumers, it doesn't matter if it's mobile, e-mail, social or web - to them, all these seemingly separate channels are simply streams to feed them the information they need.

The smart money is going into building a cross-channel marketing structure with a focus on providing valuable content (information) that enhances and enriches people's daily lives.

No matter where, when or what channel, the cross-channel consumer expects you to be there and if you're not, they'll find someone else who is.
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