Expectations and promises in e-mail marketing


To have a successful e-mail marketing program, no matter the industry, certain overarching themes must be followed. Below are some considerations inspired by an article on MarketingSherpa, looking at how to deliver upon customer expectations.

In a previous post, ' The three quality cornerstones of well-performing lists', we tackled some of the tips from the same source.

Expectations are about respect

When it comes to effective e-mail campaigns, the biggest list does not always win. The most active list is the one that inspires consumers to take action and this requires clarity and transparency from the start.

Let people know exactly what they will be getting into before they opt in. This way, they will know what to expect and they will respect you for respecting their intelligence. Trust and respect are essential to reconnect with the consumer.

Make sure that you deliver upon your promises

Of course, setting expectations also means fulfilling them. If you follow through with what you say in your e-mail program, your customers will view your e-mails as relevant and credible sources for legitimate content and offers.

You want to become a trusted part of your customers' lives, and you do this by making sure that your e-mails are contain what you have promised when setting expectations. 

Learn the ins and outs of customer engagement

Customers are continually putting out information and giving 'digital signals' we can use for profiling, segmenting and targeting, even with constantly changing expectations.

Understanding customer engagement is important for all marketers and in e-mail marketing it is strongly related to following up on behaviour and promises that are related to the preferences of segments and customers we integrate around.

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