Engaging your e-mail subscribers with a preference center


Your e-mail subscriber list is not a bunch of email addresses but a number of people that have trusted you by sharing their e-mail address. Subscribers are people and they are your bread and butter for e-mail marketing, how you handle them can dramatically improve how well your program works.

Typically, you want to treat your subscribers correctly, not all the same, but all different. One of the best ways to do just that is to create a preference center so people can easily change what they receive from you.

Let the subscriber decide

Create a preference center with at least two forms: an update page and a unsubscribe page. Why unsubscribe? Actually, it's a crucial page to have. First, the update page is for subscribers who want to continue getting e-mails, but want them in a different way. It may be they like your weekly newsletter, but never have time to read your breaking news/new products page. This way you customize your subscribers based on what they want from you. In this multi-device era, also provide the possibility to receive your e-mails in other formats.

An unsubscribe is an opportunity

Second, the unsubscribe page is just a reality of the business, but fear not, there are ways to use it to your advantage. An unsubscribe page allows subscribers to stop getting e-mails, but it also gives you another chance to sell them on your e-mails.

Use the unsubscribe page to highlight how valuable your e-mails are, and more important: if people unsubscribe after all, thank them for having 'worked' with you and ask them why they unsubscribe. This way you gather insights on how to improve your email marketing strategy.

Obviously, in a cross-channel reality, you can also propose other ways to interact with your business to people who unsubscribe etc.