Email: towards omnichannel customer intent


Michiel van Riemsdijk, General Manager at Yourzine, is one of the contributors to our latest collaborative white paper (in Dutch). While email marketing has become a critical component of our marketing processes, the market is changing, Michiel says. He mentions data from Forrester Research, stating that by 2015 businesses will invest 2 billion USD in email marketing in the US alone. That's an increase of 54%(!) Email has never been used as much as today, Michiel says. However, the reasons why are changing.

Email is used for alerts in commercial transactions, loyalty programs and even as the glue that connects our social lives. The focus is less on the channel but increasingly on the intent of the customer when he is interacting with businesses. Email is one of many carriers but even without it, analyzing databases and identifying and serving customers and other contacts is key.

The omnichannel customer dictates and demands

Today, Michiel says, just a small percentage of brands and advertisers leverages the power of an omnichannel approach to the customer. He expects this will change rapidly: within five years most businesses will look at their contacts across different channels.

We don't have a choice: the customer dictates and demands. He wants to be informed and serviced, regardless of the channels he uses.

It's important to gather meaningful data about our customers for better profiling across all contact moments, and the findings from one channel can improve what we do on another. Michiel calls it 'the dance of the channels'. Email is the channel that offers very efficient identification and service possibilities, and it will remain a critical component in an omnichannel world.

Integration, personalization and cross-channel is the way to go. Emails that are sent without taking the customer intent and preferences into account, will become less efficient and email will be the catalyst of an omnichannel strategy; Michiel concludes.

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