In e-mail marketing, a little appreciation goes a long way


Being appreciated may be the most important feeling next to love for humans. When we know we are appreciated, we feel good about ourselves and about those who show us the appreciation. If you're in business and you don't appreciate your customers, you won't be in business very long.

Don't you feel good when you walk into a local store and the employees and or owner greet you warmly with a genuine friendly and appreciative attitude? Seriously, I'll sometimes walk into a store and if greeted and treated the right way, I'll buy something just to show my appreciation for the appreciation!

With e-mail marketing you are meeting and greeting a customer every time you send a message out. Every single e-mail marketing message should have the same genuine tone of appreciation for the customer which you would show them in person. Why would you treat customers any different just because you are not meeting them face-to-face?

Sure, it may be harder to show that same sincerity in an e-mail marketing message, but isn't the real reason we don't do it enough is because we simply get lazy? Whatever the reason, forgetting to show that appreciation in every single e-mail message can cost you subscribers and conversions.

Appreciation doesn't mean just sticking a bit of text in each mailing stating that you appreciate your customers/subscribers, it means showing them you do.

Show your subscribers you appreciate them by listening

Ask for subscriber feedback about your newsletter and products. Get their suggestions on product features and even marketing promotions. You can run a simple poll in each e-mail or even take it a step further and run a video contest via YouTube asking people to show you how your product makes their lives easier.

This or any customer feedback, acquired via other channels such as social media or by setting up surveys, can then be used for marketing and promotions. Everyone wants a more involved subscriber base, but that isn't going to happen if you don't make an effort to make your newsletters more of an involving conversation.

Say thank you

When someone buys something in your store you say thank you for the purchase. The same should apply to people buying something from you online. A timely thank you message, delivered no more than 48 hours after a purchase can be valuable. Include some tips on using the new product, customer support links and contact information and ask for some feedback - just make sure it's easy to provide that feedback.

Nothing says appreciation like freebies

You know how much value there is to your business in your e-mail subscriber list, but are you demonstrating that to them? Make it obvious that you value their opt-in and consider them special by offering discounts and/or freebies in your newsletters.

Share the love by being exclusive

Giving your subscribers an exclusive heads up on upcoming big sales or new product previews is one way you might be able to get them to share your newsletter with friends. People do like to share valuable information with their peers and hopefully those who they forward the info to will also subscribe. This might be a good opportunity to use video as a teaser for a new product launch or how-to demo.

There's an old saying about how you have to give a little to get a little. Showing your subscribers some appreciation isn't that hard and it's a great way to build not only loyalty, but conversions too.

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