Dear e-mail marketers, please stop flying blind


In a previous post I made the case for personalisation and segmentation. Unfortunately, however, it seems that a large majority of e-mail marketers is unable to perform any customer segmentation at all.

With a headline that leaves no room for interpretation; 'A Majority of Email Marketers Are Flying Blind', DMNews refers to recent research by Return Path, showing that 55% of US e-mail marketers don't have the possibility to segment and thus send the same e-mails to their entire - unsegmented - list.

As DMNews editor Al Urbanski writes, 'Direct marketing is about relevance and targeting'. I would say that all interactive marketing is about relevance, targeting and segmentation.

It's not just a matter of e-mail marketing. When an offer is not relevant, consumers will not act upon it, regardless of the channels or tactics. Relevance can only be measured by the actual outcomes and they are defined by the preferences and actions of consumers.

That's exactly where personalisation and segmentation come in as I previously wrote. The better something matches the intent of the customer, the better it works.

There are so many advantages to segmentation, from all possible marketing perspectives, that it seems hard to believe so many marketers can't do it.

Reverse your view: integrate around the customer

In the article Return Path president George Bilbrey, whom I recently mentioned in a blog on deliverability, is quoted, saying 'lack of necessary data and competitive strategies are the chief causes of this failure'.

Many e-mail marketers still work with ESPs, forcing them to operate in silos due to a lack of integration possibilities; a pricing model that's based on the number of sent mails and a focus on the messages, rather than the contacts or recipients.

When this process is reversed, exactly as we do with Selligent, and the contacts or customers are put in the centre of a cross-channel process whereby different data are coupled, segmentation is not a challenge but a simple consequence that can be further enhanced as more customer interactions occur.

Segmentation is really not an option anymore, whether it's from a deliverability viewpoint, an engagement viewpoint or the essence of marketing success: optimisation through relevance.

Don't operate in silos anymore and integrate around the customer.Stop flying blind. Both your customers and your bottom-line will benefit from it.

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