Data-driven personalization: a key change agent for e-mail marketing


E-mail plays a pivotal role in cross-channel marketing strategies. Although other marketing, communication and interaction channels, are becoming increasingly important, e-mail is still the workhorse of the Internet, and an integrated interactive marketing strategy often starts with e-mail marketing.

Just think about how social media marketing, lead management and interactive CRM are all tightly connected to e-mail marketing in a customer-centric and cross-channel way.

It is quite obvious that e-mail marketing is changing. On top of the arrival of new devices (mobile) and media that can be perfectly supported by e-mail (and vice versa), e-mail marketers are going beyond traditional broadcast tactics and turn to data-driven and event-triggered marketing automation scenarios, enabling what this post is really about: a higher degree of relevance and most of all personalization, leading to better conversion.

Marketers that turn to a more personal and data-driven view, notice that e-mail is the most efficient medium for building brand relationships, driving conversion, ensuring customer retention, nurturing leads and acquiring new customers.

Pertinence, people, personality and personalization

The role and rules of e-mail marketing are evolving, but it's really in a customer-centric and thus multi-channel and contextual approach - with a focus on relevant content, interactions and offers - that the success of e-mail marketing increasingly lies: pertinence, people, personality and personalization rule.

Still, this doesn't mean that "traditional wisdom" regarding e-mail marketing should be thrown away, on the contrary. While every e-mail marketing program can be improved and integrated, best practices regarding e-mail design, segmentation, targeting, deliverability and list growth are often still very valid.

However, at the same time we must face the realities of a changing e-mail marketing reality. E-mail marketing is not about e-mail addresses anymore. It's about the people behind these addresses. And they are real, multi-tasking, multi-channel and increasingly demanding.

The value that e-mails offer to people in function of their life cycle, buying journey and to fulfill all needs why they have registered in the first place, is the start of every relevant e-mail marketing strategy. Furthermore, these needs are evolving and permission must be earned everyday.

E-mail marketing relevance leads to list growth and improved conversion

We all want to grow our e-mail marketing lists. But they will only grow if we make our e-mails relevant for the individual recipient. Lowered conversion rates will only be countered if we focus on the people behind the e-mail addresses. And the branding impact of an e-mail will only be positive if the user experience is consistent and positive.

A personalized e-mail marketing strategy, that uses all data to optimize value and thus conversion, is by definition part of a cross-channel marketing strategy. Data from previous interactions, online and offline input, influencer identification, interactive CRM insights and advanced targeting are all essential in improving conversion and ROI by focusing on personalization and the people behind our e-mail addresses.

The need for data-driven processes

This can only be achieved with data-driven processes (and mentalities), content segmentation techniques and the one-to-one personalization capabilities that are typically offered by full-fledged marketing automation and cross-channel marketing tools like Selligent Interactive Marketing.

Designing data-driven e-mail programs with manageable personalization, advanced testing and sending the most optimal offerings, offering mobile versions and other interaction options via all other channels and offering personalized content, is a must in evolved e-mail marketing.

All that - and more - is what we offer in one single marketing automation suite.
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