Cross-promotion tips: use every single channel for the cross-channel consumer


Cross-promotion is a marketing basic as old as the hills and yet it sometimes seems that companies have forgotten how to do it when it comes to promoting their online channels and touch points. What's that old saying about how medications can't help you if you don't take them right? New media can't help you if you don't promote it correctly.

Every single channel you have for the cross-channel consumer to use should be getting the most prominent exposure you can provide across all your properties.
Each of these channels offer touch points where you can connect with your prospects and hopefully move them towards a conversion. Don't assume consumers will either know or bother to even look for you on the channels they traverse - it's up to you


Make sure you include clear links in prominent positions such as the upper right of your page and near the byline of your posts of your blog. Use a social sharing plugin to also offer people the option to easily tweet or Stumble your content. Same goes for product information FAQs, knowledge bases, user reviews, forums and your phone number.


Along with including your channel links, talk them up in each newsletter too! Share a great story about how you helped a customer or a positive review from one in each newsletter. Include a contact us section where you list/link all the different channels you have and make it clear it is the consumer's choice which one or combination thereof, they use.

Business Cards

Seems obvious, but if I forget to remind people of this, I'm certain someone will remind me. Business cards are really contact cards and should clearly list all the ways a customer can interact with your people and your brand.


Program messages into your POS display or place a standup next to it with the contact channels. People won't write it down, but it will stick with some and they can always google or check your website where (cough) those links should be very easy to see.

E-mail signatures

Every single employee who has an e-mail address should have all your channels listed and linked from their signature. It's also a good idea to include a call-to-action or promo line about how you are here to serve the customer via the channel of their choice.

Direct mail/printed material

I think this is pretty obvious and yet I wouldn't just take the easy route here and put this in your contact footer. You might want to consider adding icons and placing them next to product or other content and inviting prospects to select the channel which works best for them.

Promotional material

It doesn't matter if you are giving away t-shirts or coffee mugs, every single one of them should shout loud and proud that you cater to the cross-channel consumer.

Call center

If you are going to stick people on hold for more than 10 seconds, the worst thing you can do is run a recording which tells them their call is important to you - if their call was that important you'd answer the dang phone. It would be better for your image and their tolerance if while they wait, you provide them with alternatives which may suit them better. Your call center plays a crucial role in cross promotion.

Of course all this assumes you already get the bigger picture and are using a combination of human resources and automated optimization techniques to be sure the journey for the cross-channel consumer is seamless, relevant and engaging.

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