Creating an engaging multichannel customer experience


Multichannel customer experienceA recent study by Econsultancy and Foviance revealed that while company commitment to delivering an integrated customer experience has reached a high, the vast majority of businesses are struggling with providing it.

Improving customers’ multichannel experiences has emerged as the leading concern for businesses, bypassing organizational structure, the top issue of 2010.

The explosion of online channels, as well as offline touch points, has drastically changed consumers’ expectations and behaviors.

Being able to talk to a real person via phone, live chat, email or other channels makes a customer feels much more valued than a commercial can. While 20 percent of customers consider a user-friendly website important, 57 percent say that efficient customer service determines whether they will do business with a company again.

Consistent multichannel customer experiences are a challenge

Nearly 90 percent of the companies reported that they consider a joined-up multichannel customer experience to be “very important” or “quite important” to their organization. The problem is that managing the various touch points, as well as ensuring consistency across every channel, has become an overwhelming task.

An integrated platform to allow consumers to interact with businesses the way they want and delivering valuable experiences, regardless of time, channel and place, is becoming a must to respond to altered customer expectations.

The customer-centric and cross-channel conversion marketing solutions Selligent offers, integrated with the advanced analytics, segmentation and personalization features, as well as the event-driven approach, provide an answer to these challenges.

Integrating with CRM

This is especially the case if they are integrated with CRM, the reason why Selligent Interactive Marketing offers various possibilities to do so.

Thanks to the new, graphically configurable, SIMLink 4, that is in command of synchronization of data and processes in Selligent Interactive Marketing, setting up and configuring the integration between Selligent Interactive Marketing and Selligent Relationship Management (version 8.2), Microsoft Dynamics (versions 3, 4 and 2011) and is easier than ever.

Whether the touch point takes place on your website, in a chat room, via a blog, through email or on social networks, each platform must have its own concise, relevant message that compels your target audience to seek out your services.

A single view, as it is possible within Selligent Interactive Marketing, and can be strengthened via CRM integration, is a must nowadays.

Increasing customer satisfaction with Selligent Interactive Marketing

The mentioned survey, however, shows only a quarter of companies have implemented a well-developed strategy that is designed to build relationships with customers based on their needs. Another challenge is that many businesses don’t focus enough on customer satisfaction.

In order to deliver the most effective multichannel experience possible, the survey recommends that business owners carefully consider five fundamental elements when developing their marketing plan, including systems and processes; customer touch points; alignment with brand; use of insight; and leadership and culture.

Following these five elements and using Selligent Interactive Marketing, businesses can achieve both consistent customer experiences and a high degree of customer satisfaction, while having a single customer view.

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