Closing the loop of sales, marketing and buying behavior


The changing buying behavior requires sales and marketing departments to collaborate more than ever before.

Shared goals, common measurement processes and a tight integration between marketing activities with the sales cycle are musts to succeed in a multi-channel, omni-channel or even channel-agnostic reality. Customer preferences are at the center of it.

In its latest newsletter, the ITSMA (IT Services Marketing Association) urges businesses to teach new ways of marketing such as thought leadership to sales since they need to be more in tune with the changed buyer behavior.

ITSMA looks at the main factors that make the difference between best and average performers when it boils down to sales and marketing integration. And it's all about alignment, just as marketing is about aligning the needs of customers - across all possible channels - with their needs and preferences.

Here are some main ways to better achieve that integration:

  • Marketing and sales have a shared understanding of each other's goals and metrics.
  • Marketing activities are tightly aligned with the sales cycle.
  • Marketing and sales have a formal feedback loop.

And of course, marketing, sales and other departments integrate around the customer.

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