The challenge of declining inbox placement rates


Inbox placement ratesData from Return Path show that worldwide inbox placement rates declined sharply in the last six months of 2011. The company’s most recent  Global Email Deliverability Benchmark report found a decline of 6% for the first time in three years, bringing inbox placement rates down to 76.5% across the globe.

However, in the EMEA region, the situation is much better than in the US and other regions: 85% of emails reached recipients in EMEA. More important than the numbers are the causes. One of the reasons is the overload of consumers, especially during holiday periods.

The deliverability price of message overload

This issue can be partially resolved by carefully managing marketing pressure and avoiding email marketing fatigue, one of the reasons Selligent Interactive Marketing offers possibilities to do so.

However, obviously, it’s difficult to control the amount of messages consumers get in their inbox in general. Especially in holiday times, the volume of interactions grows, among others because enthusiastic consumers tend to register more for newsletters and special deal emails.

This leads the then overwhelmed consumer to hit spam and junk report buttons faster, with the known impact on reputation metrics.

Reputation and engagement data

It’s a phenomenon to take into account. In general, implementing smart scenarios, advanced personalization and segmentation, along with a more integrated approach, can also contribute to avoid several of these situations.

There are other reasons for the significant decline, including the fact that ISPs raise the bar on reputation metrics and are looking more at, among others, engagement data, subscriber panel complaint data, and trusted subscriber data.

On top of best-in-class technology for e-mail deliverability, managing marketing pressure, making interactions as personalized and relevant as possible, reversing the control over communications, and improving engagement seem to be priorities for email marketers.

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