Big Data-Driven Marketing


In the last few years, we as a human race have produced more data than in the entirety of human history. One facility belonging to the National Security Agency (NSA) in the US, is already capable of storing a yottabyte of data - one thousand trillion gigabytes in layman's terms. However, for marketers, there is one key phrase on their minds in 2014 - Data-Driven Marketing. 

Data-driven marketing is consistently ranked as a top priority for marketers. It is not a solution without a strategy; and it is not advisable to just collect data and do nothing later. An enterprise has got to have a strategy to use its data, and analytics is at the core of this process. Analytics will turn data insights into actionable data which will earn revenue for your company over time.

These days, small medium enterprises (SME) to large retail multiples, want to have a 360 degree view of their customers. In the past this involved collecting data on the age, gender and the address of their customers. Over time, this original and basic concept has evolved into collecting data on the location of work and pleasure of a customer; on their favorite sports and nationality. Question: Do French men click more on soccer or rugby news articles?


Off hand, one cannot answer that question but perhaps behavioral profiling could. This is a new concept in data analytics being pioneered by Selligent as we move into 2014. This new concept combines inbound and outbound data - including individual behavioral metrics with purchase history by which your enterprise will be able to target opportunities and motivate sales of your product or service better.

Selligent's behavioral system will distinguish between an identified and an anonymous visitor of your brand. This can be particularly crucial in your inbound marketing programs. It will collect data and ranks the visitors based on their interests and intent to buy. Previously identified visitors are spotted in real-time and therefore you can react immediately to send out a promotion or display personalized messages on your website related to their online interaction with your brand.

When anonymous browsers identify themselves, Selligent will link all their behavior history with this new account - creating a dynamic client profile. Th data from your client profiles is centralized and easily assessable so your staff can use it simply and effectively every day in outbound campaigns for instance. Furthermore, Selligent offers you this development on a multichannel level - whether your customer interacts with your brand on Twitter or Facebook; by email; or even SMS.

Today's world of multiscreen devices, constantly fluid media sources and geographical sourcing pose a real challenge for marketers. Data collection from such an environment doesn't need to be tough and once the understanding increases and the needs are met, improved results are sure to follow.

Selligent's approach is not one size fits all because we understand that every enterprise has different needs in their business model.

Please contact one of our sales teams who will be happy to discuss with you how our behavioral solution fits into the marketing strategy of your brand. 


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