Big Data and cross-channel marketing: it’s all about relevance


Rik DecorteHow do you clean your customer data and organize for a 360 degree customer insight, improved relevance and ROI? Those are a few of the dialogue marketing, and Big Data challenges according to WDM’s Rik Decorte, as described in our latest (Dutch) collaborative white paper.

For the first time, we can evolve back to communication as it existed in the days of small grocery shops, Rik says. The days when sellers knew their customers, took time for a chat and made customers feel comfortable, as good ‘cornershop marketers’ who were champions in turning data into smart, human interaction.

The tsunami of consumer interactions

However, Rik writes, the challenges of the modern marketer are of an entirely different dimension. There is the store but also the website, online shop, forums, social networks, mails, emails, mobile channels and so many other – interactive – media. Consumers interact continuously with brands across these channels, depending upon their goal, mood or the time of the day.

Each of these interactions generate data. Big Data. The challenges seem enormous. However, one simple word is key in turning the tsunami of data into actionable information: relevance.

Tips to use Big Data in a relevant way

Rik provides some tips to work with Big Data and become relevant:

  • Create a single customer view. You interact with people, so organize your data around the individual consumer.
  • Use motivational research to identify different segments with their own needs and engage them accordingly. Know why your customer buys your product.
  • Don’t only gather transactional data but determine the degree of interactivity of your prospects and customers.
  • Identify the moments of truth in your offering: determine the windows of opportunity to enter the life of your customers, based on what happens in it and when new needs arise.
  • Privacy is important. Preference management becomes a must.
  • And, finally, make sure you interact with prospects and customers across the channels they prefer and the way they want.

More in the (Dutch) paper. Thank you to Rik Decorte for his insights.

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