Behavioral profiling and personalization: customer experience first


In my previous post on the brand disconnect, I said personalization is of no importance. Of course, the opposite is true. Personalization is of the utmost importance in all marketing tactics. And it's not only because properly personalized and preference-driven marketing results in better engagement rates as recently mentioned...

The main reason why personalization matters so much - and thus leads to more relevant and efficient marketing - is the growing understanding of the central role of the customer experience.

In the end, the Copernican revolution that puts the customer first is really about multiple contact moments and the customer experiences across different channels and interactions. Consumers want to be treated in a consistent way, and it's a known fact that maintaining scent, as it is known in conversion marketing or conversion rate optimization (CRO) benefits both the customer experience and resulting conversions.

Personalization goes multi-channel

The need for personalized experiences in an increasingly competitive digital world is not limited to specific channels. In (advanced) - integrated - email marketing, personalization is known since ages, and I am not talking about simply a personalized subject line or salutation.

It's pretty obvious that personalized experiences are increasingly used in other online tactics as well, maintaining the same scent and further fulfilling the promise of a personalized approach as offered in other channels.

One of the key elements to go beyond simple personalization based on demographics, for instance, is behavioral profiling. It's basically about transforming digital data - yes, big data - in actionable visitor profiles as you can read here.

Of course, building the interest profiles of web visitors, matching them to customers in your database and enriching them, is not enough. You also need to use the information for segmentation and personalization purposes in an integrated way, inbound and outbound, as is possible with the Selligent profiling module.

Personalized web experiences becoming a must fast

The personalization need clearly moves across all customer experiences and thus channels. One of the most debated topics in that regard is personalized website content.

In the report, ' Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: Personalisation, Trust and Return on Investment', Econsultancy writes that the ability to personalize the web experience is becoming a fundamental requirement, mainly regarding content, an essential component of the customer experience.

Econsultancy found that 52% of digital marketers agreed "the ability to personalize content is fundamental to their online strategy".

Advanced personalization that improves the customer experience, does make a difference. The impact on the overall business can be enormous, when doing it in a consistent way and across multiple contact opportunities. So, there is no reason not to do it!


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