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At our recent customer day in France (the next one is in The Netherlands on November 8th), we gave a preview of several novelties. Among them: further integration with social networks, Marketing Resource Management or MRM (more about that here), Customer Intelligence and more (get in touch or subscribe to the newsletter to stay tuned).

While both MRM and CI will be launched soon, the additional social integration features are planned for early next year. Selligent already has several social cross-channel features as you will discover in this blog post, looking at the adoption of social by CMOs. Because one thing is for sure: the integration of social media in cross-channel marketing is not an option anymore for most businesses.

We have been sharing examples and tips regarding the combination of social and e-mail, for instance, around the customer for quite some time now. Furthermore, Selligent provided possibilities to identify social influencers across channels. However, now we're taking it a big step further. But why should you care?

Most consumers and ever more companies - including your competitors - are embracing social media. According to the 2012 Email Marketing Benchmark Report by MarketingSherpa, CMOs 'see social media as the development that will have the biggest impact on e-mail marketing in the near future', even more impactful than mobile as the chart shows.

 Cross-channel social

Regardless of the exact numbers and whether social or mobile will actually have the largest impact or not, it's clear that the integration of channels around the customer - with an increasing focus on social media - is a fact.

MarketingSherpa confirms e-mail marketers have a challenge in front of them:"Not only must you integrate social media into your e-mail marketing, you must integrate a rapidly changing social media environment".

And there's more: it's not just about one or two channels, it's also about data, enriched profiles, new triggers and a combination of social, inbound and e-mail. It even includes the use of social proof and content.

On this blog you can find many examples on how social media fits in a cross-channel and customer-centric approach. A while ago we also published a paper about it.

Stay tuned for more information on our strengthened social media solutions. Request more information or subscribe to the newsletter.

More information at (and after) our next customer day. In the meantime, check out our paper, ' Social media in the cross-channel marketing strategy'.

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