All research confirms: mobile marketing becomes a multi-channel must


You've been hearing people tag 2011 as the year of mobile and it's clear that this isn't simple wishful thinking from mobile marketers and smart phone makers as several reports on the consumer's dramatically changing digital lifestyle show.

According to Morgan Stanley, it's just a matter of time before the number of mobile users is larger than the number of desktop users and mobile Internet is ramping up faster than desktop Internet did.

Moreover, the growing mobile adoption has a clear impact on communication behaviour and channels. Recently comScore reported a shift from web-based to mobile e-mail and, according to the TNS Digital Life report, growth in social networking has been fueled by the transition from PC to mobile.

Converging and at the same time diverging media, "always" on and multi-channel communication behaviour clearly indicate the cross-channel consumer has arrived and whether you choose to meet them on their terms or not, they are going to be looking for those companies and brands who offer them the freedom of choice and mobility across multiple channels.

More and more, the desktop that people spend the most time on is the virtual one on their smart phone. People want technology to travel with them and adapt to their lifestyle and choices. Desk bound technology which doesn't travel well isn't going to be effective as a stand alone marketing solution either. Those marketers who understand the new paradigm and maximize their efforts to leverage mobile technology to travel with the consumer, will win. Marketing channels are no longer a destination, but a companion traveler.

Selligent Interactive Marketing provides various solutions to use mobile in a cross-channel way, to bring existing communication possibilities to mobile devices and to enable marketers to be that companion traveler (read more about them here).

Consumers want mobile content

According to research from Yahoo and Nielsen, mobile internet users see a future unfettered by the desktop computer. They know as smart phones continue to increase in power and capacity, they don't have to be tethered to technology anymore. Today PC usage for things such as shopping, dining, finance and travel is predominant. However, according to this report, that is going to change this year because that's what consumers want.

73% of respondents want to see entertainment and content on their mobiles along with dining information. Meanwhile, even financial information (something consumers are understandably skittish about) ranks near the top of sees" on mobile for the next 12 months. In almost every category of the survey, more people wanted to see more information/content on mobile in the coming year.

Consumers have had to adapt to technology in general for too long. Transistor technology gave them their first glimpse of freedom and now new technologies are allowing more freedom and more control over when and where they interact with information and the brands attempting to leverage that technology.

The captive audience is a thing of the past and the cross-channel consumer is coming into their own. You need to move now to define and execute a strategy which will ensure your marketing success in the cross-channel reality.

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