Agile and multichannel commerce in Europe: the rise of in-store


There are many words to describe the multichannel or omni-channel retail evolution whereby commerce truly becomes an integrated experience. Forrester, for instance, calls it agile commerce.

Forrester's Martin Gil spoke at the Internet Retailing conference in London recently and posted some takeaways on his blog.

When looking at them, it's clear that it's really all about consumer and employee experiences. It's about having this 'customer first' or customer-centric viewpoint and designing multichannel customer experiences and contact moments from the outside in: indeed, by involving the customer and putting his preferences first as you can read in this great case study

2013: the year of in-store?

The multichannel future is here. At the event, it wasn't just retailers heralding it, Martin writes. The in-store technology vendors and related questions by attendees show that multichannel commerce is increasingly about in-store and bridging the worlds of online and offline. According to Martin, in 2013 we'll see lots of evolutions in the in-store space, an important part of the omni-channel shopping experience.

The consumer is connected and wants integrated experiences, whether it's in commerce or in marketing. Are you ready to integrate around your customers?

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