At a time when marketing is becoming increasingly automated, technology is key. But more tech is not always better tech. As we move into spring, here are some tips to help you “clean up” your marketing technology:

  1. Say Goodbye to Inefficient Solutions
    Which apps and platforms are you and your team using the most? Which solutions contribute to your marketing ROI? Changing the way you operate doesn’t necessarily mean you need a complete overhaul, but small tweaks in the way you use one tool or feature over another can potentially freshen up your process and give you a better idea of how your tools are performing over time.

    Considering how much of marketing budgets are devoted to tech stacks, it makes sense to find exit plans for the solutions that aren’t meeting your needs or are suffering from integration issues. And while it’s okay to have duplicate apps for the same purpose – for instance, programmatic ad buys – there’s no excuse for apps not pulling their weight.

  2. Scrub Your Email Lists and Increase Engagement
    Have you fallen behind on your email engagement this year? If so, this is the perfect time to refresh your email marketing lists and strategy.

    At first sight, list hygiene may appear like a lot of work, but it’s critical – and someone’s gotta do it. In light of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), marketers are not only bound to obtain “explicit and binding consent” from every customer, but they’re obligated to store that consent for proof in case of GDPR-related requests (read our story on how to revive email lists after the impact of GDPR).

    Remember: there are no shortcuts to hammering out that highly polished email client list, and always avoid those “helpful” providers who offer pre-built lists at low prices. Read more about how to wake up sleepy email subscribers here.

  3. Organize Your Data 
    Eliminate silos and integration dead-ends. It’s time to build a lean, clean, and mean tech stack. In an age where personalized marketing is paramount, customer data needs to move freely. Is there anything you can do now to simplify your data streams? Right now, over 50 percent of marketers worldwide name integration between disparate systems as the major barrier to fully utilizing marketing technology.

  4. Plan for the Future
    Tech stacks are slimming down, as 63 percent of marketing teams only use between six and 20 pieces of technology regularly. It’s part of the current trend towards consolidating major tools in the marketing tech stack under one umbrella.

    But before embarking on that kind of endeavor, consider the risks of splurging on new technologies. New solutions add complexity to your daily operations and new tech can introduce integration issues and vulnerabilities.

    Staying ahead of the curve can be a challenge, but if you make a habit of setting up meetings or a series of meetings with IT, it can become a part of your department's seasonal rituals. Use these meetings as an opportunity to build trust and consensus. Consult with your IT department about your future technology needs and keep an eye on those budgets while you’re at it.

Take time this spring to assess your marketing technology, clean up your email lists, and organize your data better. And choose a platform that’s right for you. Integrating your entire customer data sets into an omnichannel marketing cloud is a future-proof investment. Not only will it build a foundation for laser-focused email marketing campaigns, but it will also create long-term customer relationships built on mutual trust.

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