Every day, we allow our customers to enhance their customer experience. Needless to say that we take our own customer satisfaction at heart. This is why we asked our customers a straightforward and honest feedback on the quality of our support, on our updates processes, on our trainings and also on our project and account management twice a year.


Here are 3 main takeaways from our recent customer surveys:

Time is crucial

Whether related to the pick-up of their support tickets or the follow-up of their projects by the account managers, customers value a reasonable response time. Who would not? A smooth planning of customer's projects and trainings, with a timely and qualitative delivery of the projects will never be overrated.

It's a people's business

Being able to count on a reliable and helpful account manager is greatly appreciated because no matter what, it's a people's business. Taking ownership and coordinating until a solution is found is a must. A qualitative communication with the appropriate technical knowledge, even on first line, is a great deal of the support process.

Going the extra mile

Sometimes, customer happiness is found in the little things. All our customers appreciate the efforts we make to support them outside of traditional business hours. There is no such thing as the gratitude of a happy customer you helped reaching his objectives by going that extra mile. 

We hope our customers will continue to challenge our business model everyday so we can keep on scoring together.  


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