There's been a lot of talk about contextual marketing within the digital marketing industry, and admittedly, StrongView has been one of the principal voices on the topic. From defining customer context to getting started with contextual marketing and ways to evaluate how you've adopted it, we've covered a lot ground on why it's important to bring context to every customer communication. However, we also understand that such an approach can seem like a tall order. Fortunately, there is one easy way to get started with context, and that's by using open-time personalization in your email marketing campaigns.

Illustration of an email marketing message

Most emails sent to today are personalized when they are sent (or even hours or days before depending on when the data is pulled). This can often lead to out-of-date messages that can negatively affect the customer experience by featuring expired offers, out-of-stock products and past events. The delay between send and read time is exacerbated with the advent of inbox filtering tools like the Gmail Promotions tab, which automatically takes these messages out of the inbox and into a separate folder.  With open-time personalization, you can ensure that when a consumer chooses to interact with your message, it's pulling fresh information the moment they open it.

The ability to serve up live content in real-time opens up powerful ways to take advantage of contextual data – such as the device used to open the message, time of day, and location.  This type of data enables marketers to send highly relevant messages that include highly contextual messages like weather forecasts, maps to nearest store and count-down clocks to sales events. Of course, this capability isn't brand new. It's been around for a couple of years. What's new is the economics and the ease by which open-time personalization can be added to campaigns. 

StrongView is leading the charge with LiveContent, its new open-time personalization tool. By featuring all-you-can-use pricing and fully integrating it within the campaign deployment workflow, StrongView is removing the barriers to adding real-time content to every message. And it's not just count down clocks. LiveContent also enables video-in-email, image optimization, deep linking and more.

You can learn more about LiveContent and the types of real-time content it can enable on StrongView's website.  By integrating open-time personalization into your email marketing strategy, you can start delivering more valuable customer experiences, which will ultimately draw more of your customers back to your messages time and time again. 

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