As Facebook moves to formally depreciate the original Facebook Registration on April 30th of this year, we at Selligent will help clients limit exposure by removing the option from our interface in February.   We will continue to support existing installations of the plugin until Facebook officially ceases to support it in April.

The good news is that Selligent has been integrated with Facebook’s preferred option “Facebook Login” since V5.1. We have a simple integration that enables users to add the login to all hosted pages and forms with one click.  

Not everyone likes to share in the same way, and Facebook Login offers more control over what, how, and who they share with.  Every app or website that uses the login has to offer users a screen to choose what they will share and the audience they are sharing with (Public, Friends, yourself).  Facebook login will increase app adoption because it makes the login experience up to 30% faster than entering data into a form.  Login is possible with just a few simple taps and usage is skywriting. Today it is used by the majority of top 100 iOs and Android apps.  

We strongly recommend that every form include an option to login via Facebook Login.  This best practice will increase the potential your customer will login and also supply you with access to even more data about your audience.  


For more information on Facebook Login, visit the developer page with details:



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