You’ve heard the old saying: “Change is the only constant in life.” That’s never been more true. In today’s world, change is occurring more rapidly than ever. As a marketer, your work is impacted enormously by the changes taking place in technology, as well as the dramatic shifts in consumer behavior. How prepared are you to take on the challenges of modern marketing? And exactly what are those challenges?

If innovation is the handmaiden of change, then the role of the modern marketer is to facilitate innovation. In the wake of all this change, a new, more agile form of marketing is beginning to emerge; and today’s marketers need to jump on board.

We just published a new white paper, in conjunction with our partners Alchemetrics and Thread, that explores those questions – and takes an interesting look at ways modern marketers are innovating to overcome the challenges they face. The good news is that the internet has revolutionized accountability today, making marketing more compelling in the boardroom, through the demonstration of clear ROI. But getting there is not easy.

So, what are the challenges?

We spoke to a number of client-side marketing directors, to understand the kinds of challenges they’re facing today. In our conversations, the same five issues repeatedly came up; from the inability to turn strategy into outcomes, to the rigidity of suppliers, and more. These are very real issues that every marketer can relate to in this age – and you can read more about all five of them in our new white paper.

How to overcome the challenges of modern marketing
Modern marketers are a very different breed than those of yesterday, by necessity. They must be more interconnected and have holistic business knowledge, stretching from finance to operations. They must be data and results driven and committed to accountability, while simultaneously being strategic and outcome focused. And on top of all this, they must not lose sight of creativity, in their marketing campaigns and their technology. We explore each of these areas in our white paper, revealing how others are adapting to overcome these challenges with a critical set of competencies that, when combined, will not only help you succeed as a modern marketer; but might ultimately change the reputation of the industry. Download with the link below!

We’re pleased to offer this white paper in conjunction with two marketing specialist companies from our Selligent Marketing Cloud Partner Program: Alchemetrics and Thread. We work closely with our Partner community, which includes agencies, consultancies, and tech firms, to build impactful relationships that nurture both client and partner success. Our partners are trusted advisors and award-winning specialists in distinct areas, with a unique understanding of what industry marketers need today from their martech platforms. Together, through consulting and services, we are able to seamlessly provide modern marketers with a fast, powerful, holistic, and cost-effective solution that drives business results.

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There are two certainties in life: death and change. The problem with change today is that it has never been faster.

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There are two certainties in life: death and change. The problem with change today is that it has never been faster.

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