We recently hosted a webinar and shared a blog post on the subject of 2020 Marketing Predictions. Clearly, it’s on our mind – as it is for a lot of marketers this time of year, as we reflect on what worked and what didn’t in 2019 – and look ahead to marketing trends and best practices for 2020.

So we thought we’d continue on with this theme, based on popular response to the webinar and previous blog post. This time, we asked some of our Selligent clients and partners to share what they see on the horizon for the coming year.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Jennifer Palerino, Kroger Digital/Vitacost
"An area of focus for many marketers in 2020 will be AI and utilizing it with collected affinity data. Marketers have more and more consumers who are looking for personalized product recommendations and live, interactive content. AI that utilizes collected data will continue to be paramount for marketers, especially due to more advanced browsing behaviors and complex purchase history."

Intelligent platforms with powerful AI-powered engines, like Selligent Cortex, allow marketers to make use of data and machine learning algorithms to optimize customer journeys, providing valuable insight to a customer’s entire marketing path by channel and device.

Channel Fragmentation

Archer Malmo, Selligent Agency Partner
"Channel fragmentation will increasingly become a challenge for marketers in 2020. To break through the clutter and win the hearts and minds of people, we are encouraging our clients to focus on delivering more synchronized campaigns and memorable experiences for their customers."

True omnichannel marketing platforms like Selligent help marketers combat channel fragmentation by launching integrated campaigns across all key channels, to react and reinforce messaging to every customer, on any channel and in real-time.

Data-Driven Marketing

Acceleration, Selligent Agency Partner
"Data continues to be a central focus for our clients, as a key enabler to deliver personalized experiences at scale; from sourcing data, to enrichment (through AI and other data sources), segmentation, and reporting. And of course, data security and privacy is critical. We’re advising our clients to take security and privacy considerations at every step of the process, from strategy through execution, to support and comply with existing and new legal requirements such as GDPR and CCPA. Brands and companies that continue to simplify these processes and provide seamless experiences will win the hearts and pockets of consumers."

Alexei Kounine, Vice President, Innovation & Solution Consulting, and resident AI lead at Selligent, agrees on this heightened focus on data, emphasizing the need for data to be available in real time. “Real-time is going to become a massive buzzword in the months ahead. Whether someone purchases something in a brick-and-mortar shop, or makes an online transaction, all of this needs to be integrated very fast in the platform so that the data becomes actionable and campaigns can be triggered that make sense for every individual consumer. The fact that you have this data available in real-time will help you run and train algorithms to make your life as a marketer simpler and run personalization in a scalable manner.”

One thing is for sure: marketing is ever evolving and changing. It's critical to keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening and what's next, whether that's utilizing data-driven marketing or AI... or coping with and solving channel fragmentation, so you don't get left behind in the digital evolution that has transformed our industry. We put together a short list of our Top 5 Marketing Predictions for 2020 - and we would love to give you a copy to help you consider where your marketing focus should be in the months ahead. Just click on the button below to grab your free copy.

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Top 5 Marketing Predictions for 2020

This list of the top 5 marketing predictions for 2020 will help B2C marketers strategize and plan for their campaigns in the coming year.

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This list of the top 5 marketing predictions for 2020 will help B2C marketers strategize and plan for their campaigns in the coming year.

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