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A hand on the left side pointing to and interacting with a circular image on the right that looks like an eyeball, with dice in the center and several spokes and graphic designs radiating out from the center of the circle and three gaming icons bursting out of the circle, including a light bulb, a trophy, and puzzle pieces.

Gamification in Marketing: Leveling Up

Jun 22, 2021  Digital Marketing Audrey Flament

Young woman lying down on her stomach, resting her head on her arm, looking at her mobile phone, engaged with the content

How 2020 Has Impacted Loyalty Marketing

Oct 22, 2020  Digital Marketing Gregg Turek

Thumbnail image of the cover of a booklet from Selligent Marketing Cloud titled, “Marketing Jargon: An Insider’s Guide to Industry Phrases”

Deciphering Digital Marketing Jargon

Jul 30, 2020  Digital Marketing Dirk Vogel

Two women wearing face masks in an office setting, greeting each other by bumping elbows, reflecting the new normal for socializing in the office environment post-COVID-19

The Office: Pandemic Edition

May 28, 2020  Digital Marketing Laura Forer

Image of a toy man pushing a shopping cart full of groceries across a large credit card, with a digital background, indicating the changing ways consumers are shopping

COVID-19 Has Forever Changed the Way We Shop

May 21, 2020  Digital Marketing Kat Berman

Photo of Selligent and other marketing technology professionals attending a roundtable session at eTail West 2020 in Palm Springs

Marketing Reflections on eTail West 2020

Mar 04, 2020  Digital Marketing Andrew Papenfus

Selligent 2020 Marketing Predictions

Nov 13, 2019  Digital Marketing Gregg Turek

Photograph of a woman wearing a black dress, on a stage in front of a marquee displaying the conference name

From the Stage: Recapping eTail East 2019

Aug 29, 2019  Digital Marketing April Mullen

Top Digital Marketing Trends: What To Watch

Apr 24, 2019  Digital Marketing Gregg Turek

8 Digital Marketing Tools We Absolutely Love

Jan 28, 2019  Digital Marketing Dirk Vogel

Real-time Marketing (RTM) Examples We Love

Nov 13, 2018  Digital Marketing Dirk Vogel

Ready to Rock Your Holiday Season Marketing?

Sep 17, 2018  Digital Marketing Dirk Vogel

Houston, We Have a (Marketing) Problem

Aug 31, 2017  Digital Marketing April Mullen

2016’s Top Three Digital Dilemmas

2016’s Top Three Digital Dilemmas

Mar 17, 2016  Digital Marketing Catherine Magoffin

Marketing Automation is FUN!

Marketing Automation is FUN!

Oct 01, 2015  Digital Marketing Gerlinde Houbrechts

5 Holiday Retail Strategies for September

Oct 01, 2015  Digital Marketing April Mullen

How to handle client feedback

How to handle client feedback

Sep 11, 2015  Digital Marketing Tom Carnewal

Wanted: The world needs more marketing nerds!

Wanted: The world needs more marketing nerds!

Mar 09, 2015  Digital Marketing Dirk Vogel

Contextual Marketing vs. Personalization

Feb 21, 2015  Digital Marketing Jason Klein

The New Facebook Login

The New Facebook Login

Feb 06, 2015  Digital Marketing Leen Penders

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