At StrongView, we are extremely proud of our clients. We work with some amazing brands, so it’s an honor to be able to showcase their testimonials on our website. For those of you who have been to our client testimonials page before, you will likely notice some new and engaging additions.

But why are these quotes so powerful? I’ve selected five examples below, where our clients have highlighted our strongest assets. Not only did they sincerely share what brought them to StrongView, but they also express why they are delighted with our products and services.


1. JibJab Bros. Studio

JibJab Bros. Studio, a digital entertainment studio, gained household recognition in the 2004 US presidential election. Many people, including me, have built hilarious holiday emails to send to family and friends.

Alessandra Souers, Senior Brand Manager, shares how the company achieved 98% delivery, personalized emails with the faces of customers, and began split-testing subject lines and content.

"In the past 20 months of our partnership, we’ve sent hundreds of millions of marketing and transactional emails for two organizations, built out a lifecycle marketing program for a growing brand, achieved 98% delivery, personalized our emails with users’ faces (an industry first), split-tested subject lines and content to our hearts' desires, and had access to the best account management team in the business — all thanks to StrongView! " �


2. Extra Space Storage

Extra Space Storage operates 1,146 self-storage properties in 35 states and recently developed a case study with us. The case study highlights how the company increased email-attributed conversion rates by 50% and rentals from mobile devices by 23%. The latter due to its new mobile website and the mobile-optimized templates that StrongView developed to drive them there.  

Through StrongView's Lifecycle Marketing tool, Jennifer Stamper, Email Marketing Manager, shares how they have built and segmented "customers in powerful, new ways." She even says it has "changed the way the company does email marketing." A valued partner, Extra Space Storage, experienced even more ROI by using StrongView's services.

“Lifecycle automation has become absolutely critical. Before, we weren’t able to build out customer experiences for our clients. Using StrongView’s Lifecycle Marketing tool, we’ve been able to build and segment our customers in powerful, new ways. StrongView has changed the way we do email marketing.” �


3. The Motley Fool

A multimedia financial services company, The Motley Fool has partnered with StrongView's delivery experts to "ensure maximum delivery rates with minimal delivery interruptions," according to Greg Martz, Head of Operations. He also expresses his delight with StrongView's Delivery Services that allows the team to focus entirely on performance and ROI.

Intrigued? Learn more about how The Motley Fool increased customer retention, and experienced higher conversion with extended reach in this case study.

"StrongDelivery Services has allowed us to focus our email marketing efforts – and limited resources – on performance and ROI, rather than on inbox delivery. The delivery experts at StrongView act as an extension of our internal team working on our behalf to ensure maximum delivery rates with minimal delivery interruptions." �



One of the easiest and least expensive ways to travel is with Through our partnership, has grown its business and provided its clients with "more helpful, timely, and valued travel intelligence," according to the VP of Marketing & Business Development, Gregory Samson.

With StrongView's powerful and easy-to-use cloud-based solutions, Gregory Samson says that "we've been very impressed with the people and level of service [StrongView] provides."

Learn how doubled its revenue and grew its subscriber base by 50% in the first year of switching to StrongView in this case study.

"StrongView has become an important partner for leveraging email to help grow our business and provide our customers with more helpful, timely and valued travel intelligence. StrongView On-Demand is powerful and easy to use, and we've been very impressed with the people and level of service they provide – and that's coming from a company that knows a thing or two about delivering exceptional service. With StrongView, we more easily transform customer information into relevant campaigns at every stage of the customer relationship." �


5. InterContinental Hotels Group

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) is a British multinational hotels company with over 4,800 hotels across nearly 100 countries. As a customer-facing company, IHG's top priority is to send quality messages that increase email open and click rates.

The Vice President of Commercial Asia, Middle East & Africa, Lincoln Barrett, says that with StrongView by its side, it has delivered "highly personalized and targeted messages that are both expected and valued by our guests."

As a consumer of various brands, I value the emails with a personalized edge, especially when I know the content is highly relevant and useful. Eventually, I predict that emails from all customer-focused brands will become more personalized, timely, relevant, and useful.

"Delivering highly personalized and targeted messages that are both expected and valued by our guests is a top priority for IHG. In addition to providing us with real-time access to response data, StrongView’s platform offers us more integration capabilities to segment our lists based on individual customer preferences, behaviors and events... Using StrongView and Unica together has unlocked a lot of opportunity for us and our click-through rates have increased significantly." �


In another quote, Lincoln Barret shares how IHG has progressed towards a real-time marketing organization to "offer our guests a better end-to-end experience, ultimately building customer loyalty and retention, while also increasing customer lifetime value." Companies that have figured out how to effectively nurture a customer, and provide valuable content, are the ones that we all value the most.

Learn more about how IHG has leveraged StrongView and experienced a 75% reduction in external staffing requirements in this case study.


"We need to evolve because our customers are behaving and communicating in real-time, but IHG was still behaving in batch. As we progress towards a real-time marketing organization, we can now offer our guests a better end-to-end experience, ultimately building customer loyalty and retention, while also increasing customer lifetime value." �

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