Following an insightful and motivational day with clients and partners at Selligent’s Reconnect 2019 event in London, the team headed to this year’s Technology for Marketing show – the leading UK event dedicated to martech.
We exhibited across two days, giving the team the opportunity to showcase technology and listen to new challenges facing marketers today. I also had the pleasure of presenting on Day One, sharing insights on how marketers can get personalization right at scale, and revealing some of the key findings from the second edition of our recently-published Connected Consumer Index.

From our conversations with attendees and through listening to the other speakers at the event, here are top three takeaways from TFM 19:

  1. Consumers’ habits are changing at breakneck speed. Marketing departments are struggling to keep pace and will only truly understand their customers with the support of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Many attendees showed an understanding of this, but we found that several brands are at a loss when it comes to the next steps. Yes, customer data is invaluable, but the industry must now focus on how that data is being used and the importance of maximising every moment. Get it wrong, and your relationship with the consumer will suffer.
  2. Existing tech isn’t enabling marketers to effectively break down silos. Marketers understand that silos aren’t conducive to achieving a 360-degree view of customers, but they can’t effectively break down these barriers alone. Brands must encourage all departments – whether it’s sales or I.T – to integrate and take a holistic approach to customer experience.
  3. Marketers need a trusted partner in their journey. With changing consumer habits and the need for cross-functional collaboration, marketers are looking for a trusted tech partner to transform how they engage with customers. With the plethora of technologies available today, what’s missing is the expert guidance and support to quickly adapt strategies to meet the demands of today’s connected consumer.

It’s clear that 2020 will be another seismic year for digital marketers; brands are making great strides in understanding the consumer but now’s the time to take their marketing to the next level and maximize all the technology at their fingertips. 
Register for our upcoming webinar on Oct 17 with Selligent CMO Niki Hall and Industry Analyst Blair Pleasant. The session will dive deep into the results of our recently-published Selligent Global Connected Consumer Index so you can understand how to effectively reach and maximize every moment with your customers. 

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