If you’re familiar with Selligent, you may have heard about – or even read – our new, second-annual Global Connected Consumer Index. We recently completed this global study of 5,000 consumers, focused on their behaviors and expectations, as well as current tech trends – all related to how these things influence consumer interactions with brands. What respondents around the world told us will surprise and enlighten you – and we think the results could have a strong impact on your marketing. 

Following are a few key highlights and takeaways from the survey. While this may whet your appetite, you’re going to want to get the full story! At the end of this post, we’ll share how you can join an upcoming Selligent webinar, where we’ll share more results from our global survey, with key insights and actionable tips for marketers. It’s one you won’t want to miss.  

The Connected Consumer & CX 

Consumers have high expectations for “connected” customer experiences today. They want everything to be seamless and they expect brands to know or recognize them; any time and any place they interact with you. They also have strong feelings and expectations regarding customer service:  

  • 96 percent of our respondents expect brands to respond within 24 hours of a flagged issue
  • 90 percent also expect a resolution within 24 hours
  • 71 percent expect brands to have all the information about them during an escalated brand interaction, highlighting the need for a full 360-degree view of the customer.  

3 Strikes, You’re Out 

It doesn’t take many bad experiences for consumers to abandon a brand altogether. 54% say they’ll leave after only two or three negative experiences. What constitutes a bad experience differs for each individual. Maybe they keep getting ads for products they’ve already purchased. Or they call your care center and the rep doesn’t recognize them or have any insight to their journey. Consumers want experiences that are engaging and seamless. They expect to be known, to be heard, and to be acknowledged whenever they reach out, whether it’s on social, with customer service, or via a marketing channel. 

Omnichannel Reigns 

More than just being on every channel, it’s critical that brands provide a consistent presence, for a seamless transition and a true omnichannel experience. 64 percent of our respondents take advantage of merging online and in-store shopping experiences for big-ticket purchases (personal electronics, appliances and vacations), preferring to research online but go in-store to purchase. However, 50 percent still expect brands to assist and give recommendations in-store.  

Get More Consumer Insights: October 17 Webinar 

Find out more about what makes connected consumers tick, by attending our next Selligent webinar on October 17. Selligent CMO Niki Hall and COMMfusion President and Principal Analyst Blair Pleasant will host, sharing and discussing key insights from our global consumer survey. You’ll enjoy the conversation – and you’ll leave with some actionable tips to help you maximize every moment of interaction with your customers. 


WEBINAR | Selligent Connected Consumer Index

In this on-demand webinar, Selligent Marketing Cloud Chief Marketing Officer Niki Hall and Blair Pleasant of independent industry analyst and consulting firm COMMFusion share results from the Selligent Global Connected Consumer Index.


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