Spring is nearly upon us, but more importantly for relationship marketers particularly in the U.K. - Easter season is fast approaching!

This time of year, which involves eating copious amounts of chocolate and getting extra vacation time for many in Europe, provides lots of potential for marketers, particularly in the retail and food industries.

Selligent Marketing Cloud client and major UK grocery retailer ASDA, for example, landed a viral hit with a location-driven campaign tied into its #GiantHen Easter TV ad placement.

ASDA hit a sweet spot (and consumers’ sweet tooth) with an engaging and viral TV ad featuring an enormous computer-generated chicken offering chocolate eggs in-store. The ad was a success and reached a whopping 6 million customers across Europe. Working with Selligent Marketing Cloud, ASDA combined customer location data, omnichannel messaging, and smart personalization to their TV ad spend. ASDA’s marketing team snagged over 4.2 million in additional online campaign views and generated massive in-store visits.

Rich opportunities exist in other, less obvious industries during the holiday as well. In regions where Easter and Holy Week includes two bank holidays as well as the annual seasonal break for school-aged children, consumers have more time and propensity to pursue travel and leisure activities. In the U.K, this translates to big spending on leisure and travel-related activities: 41 percent of Easter spend is made on non-retail products - including leisure activities, compared to 34 percent on Mother’s Day for the same type of products.

Find out more about how Selligent Marketing Cloud can help your brand make the most out of the Easter holiday season by downloading the case study below.

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