We’ve all heard it: this is the “age of the consumer.” A lot of brands claim to be obsessed with their customers and customer experience, but are they really? The truth is, what they’re actually doing is confusing to consumers. Why? Because: 

  • Brands tend to use business-focused vs. consumer-focused objectives 
  • Measurements across consumer-facing departments are misaligned 
  • Marketing can be short-sighted (Yes, I said it.) 

This is what leads to inconsistent and just plain bad customer experiences. We’ve all had them: 

  • You keep getting ads for products you already purchased 
  • The call center has no record of you as an online customer 

Or maybe you’ve had an experience like our Selligent CEO, John Hernandez. 

Selligent CEO shares his bad CX story  

So what’s the solution? It’s time to focus on – and deliver - the Next Best Experience (NBX). There’s a great new report on this topic from our friends at Forrester that will help you reevaluate your current analytics practices, so you can orchestrate and deliver a whole new level of customer experience. We would love to send it to you now. Just click on the download button below – and let’s figure out how to solve this CX problem once and for all, with a better model: NBX. 

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Come Together (Right Now) To Deliver the Next Best Experience

The next best experience (NBX for short) is the holy grail that customer experience (CX) pros should strive toward in order to deliver the right experience to the right customer at the right time. Download this free Forrester Analyst report, designed to help digital marketers deliver a whole new level of customer experience.

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