Trade fairs are where the best and brightest in marketing come out to shine. But as anyone who’s attended one of these high-profile events will attest, keeping that radiant glow going for a prolonged number of days can be quite a stretch. And downright exhausting… Over-crowded tradeshow halls, short intervals between meetings, and longish queues for pretty much anything can take their toll on even the most seasoned vets in the business.

But a little pre-game preparation can go a long way and provide that extra edge on those long, hard yards. For this year’s DMA&THEN we have compiled the following 5 Survival Tips to keep you going when the going gets tough.


1.  Coffee

Coffee is really fundamental in the marketing world. As a welcome wake-up punch after a long night on the town or a pick-me-up from a mid-day slump – what would we even do without coffee? But not all coffee is created equal, especially not at tradeshows. There are plenty of sharks in the water at these things, hawking sub-par, flavorless, burnt-out swill for top dollar, just because they can. That’s why you should run–not stroll–over to booth #937 in the Marketing Technology Area where Selligent’s baristas are serving up the best coffee at DMA&THEN. Period.


2. Aspirin

Still feeling the aftermath of all that “networking” (read: bottomless martinis on the company tab) at the tradeshow party? Here’s the good news: There’s an antidote for that cobwebbed brain and sluggish body feeling! Bayer’s famous Aspirin tablets will come to the rescue in tough situations. Just pop one in a glass of water and watch the fizzy goodness clear the fog. Oh, and remember to stay hydrated  – that’s key to survival in any tradeshow setting.


3. Chewing Gum

Obvious but often overlooked, chewing gum will go a long way on a tradeshow marathon. You’ll be kicking yourself for forgetting to bring your own pack, unless a colleague always carries an extra supply to keep the fresh breath flowing. Like we said earlier, tradeshows can get pretty crowded and in those close quarters nothing clears the aisles like heavy Dragon’s Breath. And all that coffee (see 1.) to keep the energy up is not making things any better. So for making friends and not alienating prospective clients, pick up a 5-pack of gum. And remember to breathe.


4. Portable External Battery

Smartphones are, beyond a doubt, super awesome and put a world of connectivity – and time wasting opportunities galore – right at our finger tips. But sometimes we can’t help but miss our old-school companions like the Nokia 3310 phone – practically indestructible and always there to have your back with a full week(!) of battery time. One. Full. Week. Now that we are joined at the wrist to our tiny computers with their trusty touch screens, they sometimes fall behind when it comes to going that extra round on battery charge on a single day. This is especially true for tradeshows, where extra factors like failing to connect to Wi-Fi, using GPS to find the darned venue, or losing a cell phone network has smartphones burning precious energy. That’s why we recommend bringing at least one mobile external battery to charge your phone without running out of juice. And if all else fails, you can always swing by booth #937 in the Marketing Technology Area – just bring your own cable ;)


5. Energy Bar (to eat)

Keeping your mobile phone charged is all very well, but keeping yourself energized should be the #1 priority. Snickers pretty much nailed it with their slogan, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” And while finding a time slot for a full sit-down meal – not to mention the long lines at the food court – is hard to come by, a nice chocolate bar with a healthy dose of nuts and caramel will keep the ball rolling. Sure, there’s also granola bars and tons of other healthy options. Your body is a temple – ours is an amusement park. And we need our chocolate fix.

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