Tips to get your e-mail marketing mobile


The adoption of smartphones has been rising significantly over the last year. Smartphones were already popular with business users, but consumers are buying them increasingly more. The dropping prices and the increasing competition between manufacturers and suppliers of operating systems definitely play a role.

And because we live in cross-channel times where the consumer not only chooses the communication channels but also the devices which he uses to interact with companies, it is important to look at the evolution of the use of "mobile E-mail". The degree in which your clients use mobile e-mail at this time naturally depends of many factors. But one thing is certain; they will be doing it more frequently in the future.

Below are some tips to prepare for this evolution:

Give new subscribers the option

The opt-in form used in the past to register for e-mail often only offered two choices: HTML or text. Today it would be wise to add a third option: mobile.

Look at the behavior and needs of existing subscribers

Via web analytics and e-mail marketing data you can easily determine which subscribers often read their e-mails via their smartphone. But there may also be people amongst your subscribers who want to receive them via mobile, but don't. You could possibly compose a survey and include a link in your e-mails for mobile readers or people who want to read mobile and send them a version optimized for mobile.

Adjust the lay-out or create an alternative version

Mostly 600 pixels are still standard width of an e-mail. This is often also good for mobile but if you have many mobile e-mail readers you should definitely develop a modified version.

Make a mobile landing page

As a rule it is never a bad idea to have a mobile version of your website. But, if this is not the case, you can simply create landing pages for mobile e-mail campaigns that are modified the mobile Web.

The subject line and preview pane in mobile e-mail

Clients for mobile e-mail are naturally different than desktop clients. Take this into account when creating the subject line, but especially with the structure of your e-mail. It is imperative that the call-to-action is placed above the fold and on mobile devices this 'fold' is not the same as on desktops.

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