Three e-mail deliverability tips to remember


Earlier this week I shared some e-mail deliverability tips regarding different types of triggered and sometimes overlooked e-mail messages.

As email deliverability is one of the main challenges for e-mail marketers, you can never share enough of those tips (and we already shared quite a lot of them).

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This summer, MarketingSherpa shared a case leading to some good e-mail deliverability tips. Check out some takeaways below in three e-mail deliverability tips.

Remove inactive subscribers

This is a best practice since many years but it's worth mentioning it again. Check up on the account activity of some individuals. If they haven't made a purchase or logged in quite some time, you should consider them to be inactive subscribers. Before you cut them free from your e-mail, you'll want to try to get them back.

Getting inactive subscribers back

So how can you go about bringing the lost subscribers back to the flock? Well, you can send an e-mail stating that the account will be cancelled unless you receive confirmation that they would still like to be a part of the e-mails. Additionally, you could simply send out an e-mail to see if they open it. If they open it, consider it to be a positive reaction and keep them on your list. However, if all of the e-mails are just going to trash, it's probably time to remove them.

Another idea is to offer incentives to these subscribers. For example, you could offer a certain percentage off of their next purchase with the use of a code. Another idea is to tell them that they will receive a certain amount of money credited toward their account for each of their friends that they refer to the site. You may want to put a cap on the amount of friends that they are permitted to refer.

Maintaining records and monitoring activity

Keep records of everything. For example, you'll likely want to note how many people purchase products as a result of your e-mails as opposed to finding advertisements through search engines or other means. Keeping accurate records and counts of everything help to ensure that you know what's happening in your business. Additionally, you'll be able to target the areas of your company that are weak and need some improvement by having a more integrated monitoring capacity and profiling your customers across multiple channels. Integrating around the customer also means measuring and monitoring around the customer.

Selligent has built-in list hygiene, anti-spam detection and inbox preview. It supports all authentication schemes (such as SPF, SIDF, DKIM) and feedback loop implementation with all ISPs that support this feature. Read more about it here.

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