With more and more content storming out of every medium and device, reaching your customers is a challenge. While content still wears the crown and a killer marketing message breaks through the clutter, engaging and converting leads requires more than that – you want to create a unified and personalized experience across all channels.

A successful cross-channel marketing campaign is about understanding your customer first – their demographics, past purchasing history, needs, wants, and more. Once you’ve collected customer data, you can apply the insights to map out a customer journey. This visualization of the consumer engagement path will help you identify trigger points and opportunities to reach out with relevant messaging. At this step, it will be easy to select the most natural way to communicate. For example, deep links in an email and push notifications on mobile will work best with someone who’s downloaded your app but hasn’t opened it in a while.

Cross-channel success is really about thinking about the different touch-points of the customer lifecycle and using a variety of channels to engage with relevant messages at scale. Once you have a clear conversion goal in mind and launch the campaign, you can tweak and optimize settings across all of these channels, automatically or manually, until you achieve the desired outcome.

The infographic below recaps the key steps to cross-channel success:

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