To trade show or not to trade show? That is the big question as the digital marketing industry moves into 2019. While certain big-name brands are cutting down their trade show presence, we are firm believers in the synergetic power of a good digital marketing conference.

After all, it's much more than a race for the biggest booth or flashiest keynote presentation. No, trade shows are places to engage in real-life conversations with the brightest minds in our field, attend forward-thinking workshops, participate in panel discussions, and get ahead of the current trends transforming digital marketing.

With that said, we’re marking our calendars for the following major 2019 digital marketing events across the states and we have asked our team to chime in on why these events matter.

1. Shoptalk

March 3–6 | Las Vegas, NV

"Shoptalk is an industry standard event for retailers. It's one of the biggest and best trade shows for the industry and it's known for having a big educational component. They constantly survey the top research and trends and use those findings to form a feedback loop for their attendees." 

Gregg Turek, Digital Marketing Manager

Drop by and meet the Selligent team in booth 4216, or join our #TechTalk on Personalization Monday.

2.SXSW Brands & Marketing 2019

March 8–17 | Austin, TX

“There’s a reason why the SXSW Conference is considered one of the most exciting of the year. There’s something about Austin during SXSW, when the city is filled with biggest and brightest innovators of our time, that you know there will be unexpected discoveries and new technologies around every corner.”

April Mullen, Director of Consumer-First Marketing Adoption

3. IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau)

Various dates | USA & Cannes, France

“IAB produces a full series of information-based events throughout the year for marketers, agencies, advertisers, publishers and solution providers. I’ve been to their IAB MIXX Conference in New York, which has traditionally been aligned every Fall with Advertising Week. It’s always been a tremendous source for learning about new tools and technologies, hearing analysis and trend updates from leading marketers, and learning best practices in the interactive advertising space.”

Randy Kershner, Senior Copywriter

4. Social Media Marketing World 2019

March 20–22 | San Diego, CA

“This conference is the biggest for social media marketers so it’s worth it for the networking opportunities alone. There are also hundreds of sessions taking place during the conference so you can almost always find a session that will intersect with the specific challenge you might be trying to work on with your brand or team.”

Linda Shum, Marketing Specialist

5. C3 2019

May 7-8 | New York, NY

“Attending the C3 Conference is a refreshing experience - the sessions are tailored towards digital and organic marketing so I feel there is quite a bit of value here for brands who are committed to making the most out of their marketing team and their marketing spend. On top of that, networking opportunities here are good as well!”

Alexander Handcock, Director of Brand Strategy


June 5-7 | Chicago, IL

“CRMC is one of my favorite conferences - it’s specifically geared towards relationship marketers and retailers who want to do interesting things with customer data, so the sessions are very relevant to the kinds of conversations I want to have. In terms of size, it’s also much more intimate than the big blockbuster conferences so I really enjoy the meaningful networking opportunities I’ve found here.”

Callan Coles, Director of Business Development

7. Growth Marketing Conference

December 11-12 | San Francisco, CA

“This conference in San Francisco always features the newest, ongoing strategies from thought leaders who lead growth at enterprise firms with innovative and powerful marketing like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Slack. The conversation usually centers around growth tactics, and there are also opportunities to engage in hands-on educational workshops on subjects like inbound and outbound optimization, data-driven marketing, and next-generation solutions for rapid growth.”

Gregg Turek, Digital Marketing Manager

8. Mirren CEO Summit

November 6-7 | Chicago, IL

“The Mirren CEO Summit is a great conference for agency executives to have meaningful conversations that solve the REAL problems agencies face every day. It features two days of open, collaborative, informative, thought-provoking sessions, and all attendees are encouraged to live in a “safe space” mindset the entire time.  I’ve really enjoyed hearing from industry leaders, discussing challenges, and ideating solutions with some of the best talent in the agency world. The event keeps it real and the content is always top notch! It’s a must-attend event for agency exec types.”

Molly Roth, Director of Partner Marketing

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