Tablet sales skyrocket: empower your workforce with mobile CRM


Tablets and mobile CRMTablet sales are skyrocketing and the trend is expected to carry into the coming years. With JP Morgan predicting that nearly 99 million tablets will be shipped in 2012 and 132 million in 2013, investors will want to capitalize on this craze immediately.

According to IDC, third quarter tablet sales were down 6% from projected numbers. However, they note that the year to year sales figures have increased 260% with the success being mainly attributed to Apple’s iPad. Fourth quarter sales are expected to make up for the shortfall as tablets are currently one of the most popular gifts of the holiday season (via BizReport).

Are tablets the future of computers? Definitely, according to manufacturers. Lighter and less bulky than laptops, tablets have increased productivity in a wide range of business settings around the globe. Business executives appreciate the ability to create and share presentations, interact in a channel-agnostic way and have their CRM dashboards and data everywhere they go.

Third quarter sales and fourth quarter projections lend credence to tablet manufacturer’s claims of eventual worldwide reliance. Tablet computers and smartphones have already slowed laptop sales by nearly 5% in 2011. Although consumers are still purchasing laptops, the growth rate of these sales is decreasing.

Your workforce, business, marketing and CRM is going mobile

Tablet sales are changing the way the world does business and are on track to break records this holiday season. Obviously there will be other form factors in the future but one thing is clear: the workforce is going mobile and so is business, marketing and CRM.

So, empower your employees to have all the resources they need on the go, for instance using Selligent’s mobile CRM application (contact us here to know more). The solution can be used stand-alone and offers what mobile CRM users need. It enables users to consult information about contacts, sales and other data on the go and be always informed. They can also add data regarding contacts or appointments and leads, regardless of place and time..

The software also fully embraces all functionalities that are possible within a mobile environment, including geocoding. When clicking an address, users automatically see a map, including all locations of contacts with the possibility to calculate the fastest way between their actual geographical position and any desired location.

Contact us to know more and learn about all the features.

And, finally, make sure you are ready to serve your customers and provide them great experiences across all touch-points these mobile devices clearly offer as they are becoming the hub of communications.

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