Six landing page optimization tips


The virtual world we now live more and more in is not something which was spawned outside of our reality with new rules. It is in fact, a reflection of the analog world because humans populate it.

Let's take landing pages as an example. Your landing page is much like your storefront for marketing online. Many of the same strategies which apply to converting someone who walks into your shop also apply to your landing pages. You might even be able to consider the PC the car they use to drive to your store which is your landing page.


If a passerby walks into your store, it's because they saw something which was relevant to them in some way in your window. Shop owners know how important a good window display is and that's where they showcase their relevant wares. Think about the content on your landing page as you would your window display and make sure you have the keywords which reflect the queries people might be searching for.

Focus on benefits

Good salespeople will qualify a lead by finding out quickly what they want to do or what problem they need to resolve and then match them to the right product. "What's in it for me?" That's the question potential buyers are asking and you have to answer. Keep it simple and short, but tell them how the product can add value to their life. Better yet, give them examples of what they can do with it. Don't focus so much on what it can do, but on what they can do with it - this is where a short video demo can be effective.

Overcome objections

If you ever worked retail sales, you've probably had a senior salesperson give you the 411 on overcoming objections and concerns of potential buyers. At your online shop, people will be concerned about wasting their time or perhaps even have concerns about privacy. So, be specific and tell them how long and how many steps any conversion process will take. Include a brief product FAQ (answering the most asked questions) and even links to your privacy and refund policies.


Depending on how the person arrived at your landing page, they may not know you as well as you think. Including such things powerful guarantee statements and customer testimonials can be very effective in gaining that conversion.

Compelling calls-to-action

Ask for the sale! That's another old retail rule you may have heard if you ever "sold on the floor". You won't get the sale if you don't ask for it and on a landing page that means you need a compelling call to action. Use graphic buttons with text for your CTAs, make the text compelling and consider adding more than one CTA in different spots on the landing page.


Test your landing page components. All of the above are tips which may help, but the only way to know if you are doing the right things is to test your landing pages. You can test everything from content to CTA locations and text. Start with something as simple as moving the CTA around or changing the text on the button. If you have a lot of text on the page now, try reducing the amount of it and using more bullet points - if it's a component on your landing page then test it.

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