Research shows CRM productivity boost with social and mobile


Mobile CRM for tabletLast week, Forrester revised its tablet sales forecast upward. The company expects 34.3% of US adults to own a tablet in 2016. In the EU-7, the percentage of tablet owners among consumers 16 and older will be 30.4%.

We don’t have to wait until 2016, though to understand tablets are extremely hot, both among consumers and within the enterprise. JP Morgan forecasts worldwide tablet shipments will reach 99.3 million in 2012, an increase of 55.2% over 2011.

The explosion of tablet – and smartphone - sales goes hand in hand with a fast increasing adoption of mobile CRM. Last year, Forrester’s William Band stated mobile CRM had moved from a nice-to-have status into the mainstream.

According to a survey of 223 CRM decision makers by Nucleus Research, the use of mobile capabilities in CRM increases average productivity by 14.6%. Especially among salespeople, productivity gains are showing. Social CRM has a positive impact on productivity as well (11.8%), Nucleus Research adds.

The time to take CRM on the mobile highway is now

The company expects these gains will continue to grow as users start discovering and optimally using all features they have at their disposal. Finally, the growing adoption of mobile CRM is strengthened by solutions and user experiences that take advantage of the form factors of individual devices.

Selligent Mobileenhances the commercial strengths of sales reps. It makes use of all the options of Selligent Relationship Management, our relationship management and CRM solution, and can be used as a stand-alone mobile CRM for tablets as well.

Key features include support of the iPad and all tablets that are run by the Android operating system, one-click access to the social network details of your contacts and, obviously use of the network, location and other technological possibilities tablets offer.

Whether you want to take your CRM solution on the road as a salesperson, field rep, sales manager or other executive, regardless of where you are: Selligent Mobile offers you all you need to enhance productivity as well.

Read more about our mobile CRM offering, discover some mobile CRM usage examples, contact us for more information or request a live demo.

The consumer is mobile; your customers and representatives are: the time to take your CRM on the mobile road is now.

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