From online forms to applications in triggered marketing scenarios


The definition of events, triggers and scenarios is key in cross-channel marketing automation, lead generation, lead nurturing and valuable customer or prospect interactions.

When summing up event driven automated interactions, people often think about demographic triggers such as birthdays, "special" days or earlier interactions, for instance sending targeted emails depending on click, open or other behaviour in a previous campaign.

Online forms are essential in more advanced ways of setting up marketing scenarios. With Selligent Interactive Marketing, marketers can send automated mails when their contacts have performed a specific action such as clicking (or not clicking) specific links, combined with a series of other recipient-triggered actions that are only limited by data, imagination and goals.

Online forms and applications as a perfect start of cross-channel lead generation and nurturing

One can immediately see how, in many of these scenarios, web forms come into play. Marketers can for instance send an email to a segment of contacts that clicked a link to a series of workshops, subscribed for one topical workshop and thus provided specific data (the chosen topic) that can lead to further profiling or lead nurturing. In this example, you could suggest a white paper that is related to the chosen workshop, to name just one simple possibility.

Similar or other scenarios can be applied in e-commerce, online banking, etc. Obviously, you don't need to have an existing relationship with someone in order to set up such event driven marketing (EDM) scenarios, using online forms.

Virtually every business that is active online can come up with applications that ask people to provide their email address (permission-based of course) in order to use these applications or follow up on them.

With our Selligent Interactive Marketing suite, we have developed hundreds of such applications that are relevant for consumers and valuable for businesses. When they are used by people, they offer a perfect start of a cross-channel scenario-based process of lead generation and nurturing.

Typical examples are online loan calculators in the case of banks, actions based upon surveys or user-generated content, the list goes on. There are ample opportunities for all sorts of businesses and ideas.

Interactive marketing scenarios beyond simple profiling: the ongoing process of conversion, cross-selling, up-selling and loyalty

When taking the possibilities of online forms, smart data-driven integration with other applications and the needs of people into account, the power of interactive marketing scenarios can go far beyond simple profiling or registrations and really valuable applications are built, that are the start of  - or a part in - lead generation, cross-selling, up-selling, lead nurturing, customer retention, loyalty, and virtually any other marketing goal, in an ongoing process of conversion and improvement.

As long as these applications provide value for their users and all integration needs have properly been set up, they will provide value for your business.
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Do you want to engage the multi-channel consumer?

Today's customer is cross-channel and he/she is at the centre of sales and marketing.

Communication channels depend on the consumer and marketing is about engaging the cross-channel customer and prospect throughout integrated dialogues that are driven by his/her buying journey, preferences, triggers, signals and behaviour.

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