Mobile email viewing grows fast: is your email ready?


Email marketers must step up to keep up with the latest data on where users read their emails. Smartphones and other mobile devices are upping the percentage of emails that people read while on the go. Webmail and desktop email reads are on the decrease. This will have a strong impact on the effectiveness of online marketers' campaigns and interactions.

Although mobile email will not likely replace desktop or webmail email, mobile email reading still makes up 23 percent of all email views, according to Return Path, as mentioned by eMarketer. Webmail is the most popular. Forty-four percent of all email views are done through webmail, while desktop email views represent the last 33 percent of the email-viewing pie.

Return Path (data via eMarketer) reviewed email data from April 2011 through September 2011 and found that views of mobile email increased 34 percent from the last time Return Path analyzed email data from October 2010 through March 2011. Webmail and desktop both decreased: 11 percent and 9.5 percent, respectively.

The cause of much of the decrease in webmail and desktop email views is largely due to the increase in the sales of the iPad. From April to September, consumers used iPads 73 percent more often than during the time period of the last study. During the work week, people tend to use their desktops to view emails more than webmail or mobile devices. However, mobile email views increase significantly over the weekend. Mondays are not good days for mobile email viewing.

Mobile email viewing habits

Email and online marketers can also take away important information from the Return Path study about where emails are read for various industries. For example, users read social networking, publishing and entertainment emails on their mobile devices between 26 and 27 percent of the time. Shopping, software and automotive emails were the least likely to be read on mobile devices. Finance, shopping and travel emails were the top three most likely to be read through webmail. Software and automotive emails tended to be reserved for reading on users' desktops.

Other research, by Litmus, found that mobile device email views have increased since July 2010. Email usage on mobile devices is on the rise, although there were decreases in views in November 2010 and January 2011. During the summer, when people are on vacation and away from their work and home offices, mobile email usage increases significantly.

Online marketers should incorporate information about when and how users access their mobile email in their marketing campaigns and obviously enable the growing mobile email population to read their mails when and where they want, offering a user experience that matches the mobile context. Read some mobile email marketing tips by Litmus here.

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