How to connect consumers emotionally with your brand


A survey by the ANA (the American Association of National Advertisers) points out that few companies pay attention to the emotional aspects of their products and services in their brand-related messages and how these products and services could meet people's emotional needs.

A remarkable conclusion, since most marketers realize the importance of connecting with people on an emotional level, according to the same survey.

These days, a brand is a matter of people (the people in the company, the people around the company, and the people with potential influence on the company), and engaging people in an emotional, useful, participative, and "humane" way is crucial.

Still, 62% of the questioned marketers say, their brand messages are more based on rational and functional aspects. Only 38% say, they focus on the emotional benefits.

At the same time, marketers think that there should be a better balance between rational/functional benefits on the one hand, and emotional benefits on the other (48 and 52%, respectively).

But according to Bob Liodice, CEO at the ANA, the survey's conclusions are understandable.

He says that during the recession, "consumers" have been focusing a lot on the price and just how much they can get for their money. He expects people to focus more on emotional benefits from now on.

Touch points for building "emotional connections" with consumers

The survey also asked the participants about the most important "touch points" for building "emotional connections" with consumers.
82% pointed to the brand's website, 66% pointed to sales force, 64% said CRM, 52% responded with call centers and telemarketing, and 55% answered television ads.

Social media weren't discussed in the press release.

Of course it's also important to know what an "emotional" connection means for the respondents. Below are some results.

  • 78% of the questioned, existing customers tell others about a brand through word-of-mouth.
  • 78% say "the brand's values are the same as my own."
  • 75% answered "by using the brand, I feel good."
  • 61% of the existing customers talk about the brand with other people through blogging and other online activities.

Metrics for measuring emotional benefits of a brand

A next question would be what the most important metrics are for understanding the success of communicating the emotional benefits of a brand.

These mostly turn out to be traditional metrics, like 'advertising tracking', 'brand equity scores' (both good for 75% of the respondents), and copy testing.

New metrics are also being used, like the amount of fans on social media websites, but those are less important for the brands.

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