Happy Valentine’s Day from Selligent


For many companies, Valentine's Day is a business opportunity. However, this event should not be viewed purely as a chance to sell more products. Let's get into the spirit of Valentine's Day and court our customers all over again: how should you approach the first date?  How you can keep the relationship strong?  How can you rekindle the flame? These are all key questions in the successful implementation of a relationship marketing campaign. Here is how you should go about it: 

1. Any occasion can turn into a meaningful encounter

Do not rule out any situation, love could be just around the next corner. An anonymous visitor to an e-commerce site could be a future customer for your brand. Find out how to spot this visitor the first time he or she visits your website and extend a welcome by suggesting you get to know each other.  

2. Seduction is an art that can be learned

It is important to take time to get to know the other person: find out their interests, ask questions, draw him or her out… Marketers have a wide range of tools at their disposal to identify customer preferences: surveys, competitions and games, newsletter subscriptions, etc.

3. Patience is often rewarded

Rushing things is a mistake to be avoided. Seduction is all about patience and taking your time. You need to consider each step of your interaction with a customer and, above all, do not assume anything in advance, you could scare him or her away.

4. Make sure that you do not monopolize the conversation

Your customers expect a real discussion with your brands. They are not interested in one-way messages or communications that make no attempt to engage them. Be patient and, most importantly, listen to consumers. They will be delighted if they feel that you are interested in what they have to say, and realize that the brand values their opinion.

5. Allow some space in the relationship

If a customer agrees to give you his or her cellphone number, under no circumstances should you bombard him or her with messages. You need to work on your message, decide how you plan to send it and, most importantly, how often messages should be sent. The person you are trying to attract is bound to feel overwhelmed if he or she receives a flood of messages. Consider this whenever you plan your campaigns.

6. Little gestures are sometimes what matter most

Remembering and celebrating birthdays, giving gifts on Valentine's Day or at Christmas… Your customer will appreciate all these gestures. However, traditional celebrations are not the only opportunities to show your feelings. Why not send a sales offer unrelated to any special event (sales, Christmas, etc.)? These little spontaneous gestures will be very welcome.

7. Seduction is an ongoing exercise

A lasting relationship needs regular care and attention. Send your customers special offers or "reminders" if you haven't heard from them for some time. Keeping the flame alive is an ongoing and essential exercise to avoid the relationship losing momentum and fizzling out.