Google's Gone Grid


For a long time, promotional mails have had a lot of images. The dream holiday in Bali or the new car at the dealership. The images of the sun kissed beaches and the shiny alloys of the car were buried in the emails. Not anymore!

Google has announced a field trial of a new feature in Gmail called Grid View which is included in the Promotions Tab. This is a great advancement for any marketer. No longer will respondents filter their emails based on the company and the subject line, but now it will be all visual.  As a result, they will see their promotional emails as an image rather than just a plain text list.

Here is a sneak preview of what this new feature is going to look like:


Selligent shows you how to adapt

Selligent is always at the cutting edge of technological advances and we advise our clients on email marketing all the time. That's why, it's essential for you to understand more about Google's Grid View.

1) The Subject Line

In with the new, out with the old? Never! The subject line remains in Google's newest update, Grid View in order to engage readers and get them exploring the rest of the email.

The subject begins to have more of a sub-title role in a newspaper article. It will explain a little more about the product or service before the person reads on. The maximum length is 75 characters. A little short? Google has removed the copy which is usually taken from an email to fill the remaining space in the subject line.

Brands must have snappy, well written subjects that make use of all the available space. It is like land in Manhattan, NY - it is valuable so use it practically and wisely. Selligent recommends to you a rule of thumb of 50 characters in the subject line.

2) Your Brand's Image

Google is pushing again your brand's integration with Google+. The now experimental Grid View will have a small icon at the bottom right - pulling the image from your brand's Google+ page. In Selligent's case, it would be the "g" from the brand name.

3) Your Featured Image

The feature image will be 580 pixels by 400 pixels. That is huge! Well not really but for you marketers, it will make your product or service stand out more - differentiating it from the competition and making it visually clean. Marketers have the opportunity to integrate a URL to pull a featured image from a server. Nice, isn't it?

4)Your Brand's name

Google is making interaction between your brand and your customer more personal in order to engage and to nurture much as it does in the Promotions tab now.

Your brand name is limited to a truncation limit of 20 characters with Grid View. For most brands this is not a problem. I doubt that there is a brand with a brand name longer than 20. Wait! There is the Southern Ohio Amalgamated Steam Traction Engine and Boiler Manufacturing Company.

Oh it closed in 1924.

Taking Part

Google Grid View is only a trial for the moment so you need to sign up to take part: Google will announce if you have been selected. If you are one of the lucky ones, congrats! You can toggle the Grid View on and off at the button next to the settings wheel...button (I never know).

Unfortunately, Google Grid View is only available in English at the moment, but with eventual success it will be rolled out across the multitude of languages in which Google and indeed Selligent operate.

Stay tuned here at Selligent for more advice as it develops. For more of our great Selligent products, please contact us.

For more on Grid View, you can take a look at Google's official blog. If you'd like more technical information about how to implement this feature in your campaigns, please check Google's tutorial.