The Email Experience Council recently came out with a helpful report called "The Global Email Marketing Compliance Guide."  For brands that need to comply with email laws across country borders, this guide offers an important framework for email best practices, with information about the rules in nearly 80 countries. With clients based in more than 30 countries that in turn engage consumers in more than half of the 80 countries surveyed, Selligent views this guide as an important resource.

We’re committed to a “Consumer-First” approach to our business, empowering marketers to engage with their customers with integrity and empathy wherever they live. Consumers trust email, and with this guide, marketers can create a clear plan to uphold email best practices around the world.

It should come as welcome news that it’s possible to create a single email compliance strategy that hits all of the most important requirements. Following overall best practices ensures that you not only comply nearly everywhere around the globe, but that you exceed standards in places where email best practices are not as well established. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself tangling with an overly complex country-specific approach that isn’t worth the extra work and falls short of instilling trust with consumers just because their countries’ laws are lax.

Some of the most important topics that the report covers are around gaining consent, preference management and opt-out, and providing links to privacy and company information.

Here are three main takeaways from the report:

  • The best global compliance policy errs on being clear about gaining consent.  Some variation by country might be warranted as some large countries (like the US) are less rigid about opt-in than are others, but it’s always a best practice to be clear about your intentions up front.
  • Similarly, it’s always important to empower your subscribers to opt-out and manage their communication with you as easily as possible. This is simply a customer service best practice, and one that more digitally empowered younger generations in particular will appreciate.
  • Finally, ensure that subscribers can easily access information about your company location, contact information and privacy policies. It’s easy to do, and it’s good branding to always include links to this information in the bottom of every email, even when it’s not required. Consumers favor easy interactions and will give you credit for helping them get where they want to go.

In today’s hyper-connected world, going above and beyond expectations can improve your customer service ratings and encourage better engagement with customers in the long run.

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