Four ways to disconnect your brand and ignore your customers


Earlier this month, we started a huge rebranding program, leading to a new website, new slogan and new logo. However, we still offer the same SaaS marketing solutions providing all three key functionalities for successful campaign management in one integrated solution. So, why the new baseline, "reconnect your brand"? Are brands disconnected? And if so, how can they reconnect? Allow me to take a look with you.

"Reconnect your brand" is more than a slogan. Firstly, it's clear that in recent years, brands increasingly got disconnected from consumers who are more empowered, decide how they interact with brands and control their customer and buying journey in a connected way. One of the main issues in that regard was - and still is - trust. Year after year, marketers witnessed how consumers decreasingly trusted brand messages and increasingly trusted sometimes perfect strangers.

Reconnect your brand: what's in a name?

At the same time, the notion of a brand has changed. A brand has always been more than just about positioning: its' value and reputation lies within how its ecosystem of human beings perceives it. People like me, employees, and people like you, partners, customers, visitors and their networks.

Reconnecting your brand is about reconnecting people. In the end, that's also what social media is about. However, where do you get started? And how do you reconnect your brand? Time for a few blog posts with some tips or, in this case, anti-tips.

Four ways to alienate your brand:

1. Send general messages with the same content for everyone

Forget personalization, segmentation, behavioral profiling, scenarios, event-driven marketing, etc. After all, sending the same messages to everyone, without taking into account individual behavior, preferences and needs, works perfectly, as long as we keep repeating it. Sticking to the old rules of broadcasting is the perfect way to disconnect your brand.

2. Ignore the data and control your brand at any cost

You define what your brand stands for. Ignore the reality of what people say on social networks or what feedback they give you elsewhere and strictly follow your rules. Don't let go of your brand, even not a little: control. Of course, you need to have lots of data but don't use them to make your marketing more relevant. You are in charge, and the customer is not empowered at all. Stick to that approach and you will surely disconnect your brand.

3. Disconnect your marketing and customer systems

Make sure you have different applications for all your marketing and customer-facing needs. One to send emails, one to analyze and track, one to listen to customer (or act as if you do), one to manage your marketing resources, one for mobile, etc. The consumer doesn't use multiple channels; he simply clicks and buys. Or he comes into your store and buys. Do not choose an integrated marketing automation solution. Disconnecting your brand means disconnecting your applications too!

4. Never mind the silos

The best way to run your marketing is by putting everything in silos. Every marketing channel deserves to be siloed. After all, your customer is not one single human being. Now he's a subscriber, next he's a fan, then a follower and in the end just an anonymous target. Furthermore, make sure that all marketing interactions are handled by various marketing and customer departments (product marketing, etc.) without any coordination whatsoever. Marketing fatigue is just an illusion.

Bonus tip: don't involve other departments, outside of marketing either. And never ever involve the customer.

Time to reconnect: you (and your customers) decide when, where and how

Disagree with these tips? Then it's time we have a talk. We believe in reconnecting brands instead of disconnecting them. Stay tuned for more tips on how to reconnect.

And in the meantime, contact us, send us a tweet, leave a message on Facebook, give us a call or just watch what we do on YouTube. You decide; you are our customer, control the channels and define what we are as well. You decide the when, where and how. Why would it be any different with your customers?

Get in touch and discover our integrated SaaS marketing solution, whereby integration, multi-channel and multi-step campaigns and event-driven marketing are key. And in the centre of it all: the customer.

Time to connect, reconnect and integrate around your customers!

Want to know more about multi-channel solutions and cross-channel, integrated marketing? Check out the white paper "E-mail marketing for the cross-channel customer: moving towards integrated interactive marketing" or take a look at our brochure.

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