Email design, consistency and conversion


email designIn email marketing, simple is sometimes better. The design of an email is important, from a usability, efficiency and branding viewpoint. It’s also critical you make sure the experience of the recipient is consistent with other touch points with your brand. Consistency does result in higher conversion rates.

The purpose of your email template design is not to impress people, even if the brand dimension should not be forgotten. Your goal is to grab the attention of the people you’re interacting with by offering them a relevant and valuable offer (promotions, content, etc.) and experience that is continued in other touch points, for instance, on your landing pages.

Once you have caught their eye, it is the job of your content to do the rest. In an ideal world, this content is personalized and depends on consumer preferences and behavioral, transactional and other data. You can garner these from several interactions and customer data sources.

The call to action

Obviously, the call to action is crucial. So, scan over your emails to see conversion killers, and ensure that they are removed from the final product.
Reduce your page to its most basic elements and see if your call to action is still there.

Do not send anything without a clear visual purpose. The call to action ideally is repeated and should be visible in the preview pane. Finally, make sure you have a proper text-to-graphics ratio and avoid capital letters and flashy colors.

Effective marketing requires being occasionally ruthless; if you see a page element you enjoy, a design trait you appreciate, or an on-page detail that you think looks cool which adds nothing to conversions, relevance or marketing goals of your email for the recipient, remove it.

Email marketing is part of a process

Email marketing is part of a process that’s related to the customer journey. Whatever the specific goal or context of an email may be (retention, up-selling, trigger-based, etc.), make sure that it is consistent in the broader context of your marketing scenarios.

This requires an ongoing effort of improvement and testing, for instance, using split testing and behavioral analysis. 

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