E-mail marketing for the cross-channel customer: the Copernican revolution


While Copernicus rightly put the sun at the centre of our universe, the centre of the interactive marketing universe should be increasingly the customer. Your interactions with customers and prospects revolve around how they wish to interact with you and not only how you wish to interact with them. This requires a paradigm shift in how marketers do business today, among others in e-mail marketing.

Our latest white paper: "E-mail marketing for the cross-channel customer: moving towards integrated interactive marketing: The Copernican revolution of customer-centric dialogues", explains why customers are at the centre of your universe and your interactive marketing efforts revolve around their preferences for interaction.

Today's customers are cross-channel. They seamlessly leap from one information channel to the next and use these channels almost like the fictional Tarzan did to swing from one interaction to the next. They don't feel it's at all unreasonable to expect marketers to provide the "vines" for them to swing from one interaction to another.

To succeed you must have an integrated cross-channel approach. Marketers must leverage automation to ensure they reach all the touch points with customers! We can't have a direct personal relationship with every customer all the time, but an advanced marketing automation solution can provide personalized, relevant and timely information people demand today. It keeps the dialog going and the interactions on the customer's terms.

In this white paper we will introduce the new cross-channel customer and "walk a mile" in their shoes. We think you'll gain some valuable insight into why it's absolutely vital that we challenge the old way of thinking and embrace the potential the future offers!

Fast, faster, fastest

Consider that it took radio 50 years to reach 50 million people. TV did that in just over have the time. Now think about this: The Internet did that in five and Twitter managed it in just two years.

What our white paper covers
•    An integrated e-mail marketing approach
•    The need for a 'closed loop' of data and interactions
•    Personalize, segment and automate: triggers and scenarios
•    Incoming is as important as outgoing
•    Cross-channel and multi-device
•    The multi-device customer: the mobile revolution
•    The need for integrated and customer-centric processes

Business increasingly will need integrated marketing solutions, enabling them to have a single view on the customer and have relevant dialogues with them throughout the whole customer experience.

Consistency and coordination across all channels are becoming essential. These shifting priorities and views are not only necessary to optimize the way we communicate, but a must in a world where the customer is empowered, in control and cross-channel.

You can download the paper here.

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