Bridging the gap between digital and relationship marketing


In marketing, and in particular in the areas of digital marketing and e-CRM, at times the pace of change can be so rapid that it creates weaknesses in our organizations, or "weak links" in our marketing value chain. For example, lack of coordination between the persons responsible for purchasing and traffic generation on the one hand, and relationship marketing managers on the other, with a corresponding decline in effectiveness. Or even the absence of strong synergies between channels, making it impossible to serve the multichannel consumer.

The most common reasons for the emergence of these weak links are as follows:

  • a rapid increase in the number of points of contact between a brand and its consumers (social media, mobile applications, e-mail, interactive websites, e-commerce, etc.) and consumers' expectations in terms of responsiveness and relevance
  • the obsolescence of some CRM systems, which are unable to produce a 360o view encompassing digital interactions, and which struggle to address issues relating to data silos
  • the constant development of methods, standards and solutions to stimulate dialogue within each of these channels (development of  APIs and Facebook interfaces, for example)
  • the influx of performance marketing solutions in the world of digital marketing

In this context, how can we connect (or reconnect) digital marketing businesses with those of relationship marketing? This is the essence of Selligent's promise to "Reconnect your brand".

A visionary approach to direct marketing in the digital world

Selligent has developed technologies designed specifically for advertisers seeking to place the consumer at the heart of their marketing process.  These technologies allow the creation of an automated one-to-one dialogue with each consumer across all channels, from initial contact to conversion. They give greater consideration to the digital language of the consumer, who is still anonymous, in the optimization and execution of relationship marketing programs. These programs then capitalize on key moments in the relationship between a brand and each of its consumers so as to customize offering and content.

Bridging the gap between digital and relationship marketing

Selligent's approach to digital marketing consists of:

  • providing marketing teams with tools enabling them to optimize and execute multi-stage and multichannel conversion processes right from the first (anonymous) point of contact
  • allowing the use of  retargeting and remarketing tactics across all digital media.

Selligent and its partners also handle the implementation of Selligent solutions and their integration in clients' existing tools, including web content management tools, content creation tools, e-commerce engines, web analytics, and even dedicated tools for digital investment management.

Virtuous complementarity between traditional e-commerce distribution and digital channels

This issue concerns both businesses using an indirect distribution model (the famous B-to-B-to-C) and stakeholders in all sectors who have invested in physical distribution networks: points of sale, agencies, agents, franchises, etc.

It is all about meeting the expectations of a growing segment of consumers who want to decide for themselves about time, channel, and level of service in their interactions with a make or brand. Consumers now have access to tools allowing them to obtain information, anywhere and at any time, about prices, offers, and peer opinions.  Each channel has its own distinctive features and added value.

We should bear in mind the following quotation from Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon: "We don't make money when we sell things.  We make money when we help customers make purchase decisions."  This is precisely the ethos behind Selligent solutions: helping advertisers to provide consumers with better service and advice by means of direct, customized, context-related communications, which will be perceived as relevant and interesting.

The sums spent on digital media justify the investment in tools that will allow you to keep your advertising promises in terms of advice, service, or personalized relationships.