Automated lead nurturing interactions: the content and customer data cycle


One of the main challenges for B2B marketers nowadays is providing adapted information in function of the buying journey of every single prospect and customer. Key elements in this challenge are the buyer signals or triggers, the preferred channels, the speed and timing in function of the mentioned triggers and the relevance of the content (information) in the individual buying stage.

Obviously, this is not possible without a strong focus on interaction metrics, the various contact moments and an integration between customer interaction channels such as e-mail and customer data sources. It is also a matter of setting up the right marketing automation processes and defining lead nurturing scenarios with adjusted content.

An automated, yet personalized, cross-channel interaction process is key in optimizing the lead management process. But it's also crucial in avoiding marketing fatigue and thus losing interest of prospects and customers.

Behavioral and cross-channel listening leading to (inter)action

An important task in succeeding in these efforts, is listening to the interaction preferences of prospects and customers. These data can be acquired via various channels and tactics, including obviously past and present interaction behaviour.
What matters is combining the different preference, interaction, behaviour and other key metrics with historical data and real-time data and turn them into actionable insights that lead to optimized one-on-one automated lead nurturing actions.

Data must be integrated and no source should be left out of the process, including web analytics, sales databases, social media profiles and monitoring etc.
This measured and data-driven cross-channel approach enables marketers to refine and further adapt the content and content marketing strategy that is used for lead nurturing and other lead management efforts.

A closed loop of content and insights as a path to relevance and conversion

At the same time the interaction with the content leads to new insights, forming thus a cycle of improved conversion and more relevant interactions.

Conversion optimization is an aspect that is inevitably linked to this closed loop that is entirely based on providing more efficient and relevant content.
What should not be forgotten in this entire process, on top of this customer-centric strategy, is the content aspect itself.

When brands "produce" and share content to interact more efficiently with prospects and customers through an automated lead nurturing process in function of the customer journey, there are several things they can learn from publishers.

One of them is setting the expectations right from the beginning. What will they get?

It's not a coincidence that setting these expectations right is also key in the start of every efficient email marketing relationship.

A guest post by J-P De Clerck


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